Transmission: Time

“No one can tell how long it will take for a man to learn nature’s secrets. Some fortunates have attained this knowledge early, some in advanced old age. A true inquirer never grows old, every eternal yearning lies outside the term of life, and the more the outer husk fades, the brighter, clearer, and richer grows the kernel.”

– Novalis


The race against time is one of the most common modern characteristics. A breakneck pace fueled by an obsessive desire to cheat the inevitable effects of aging underlies the psychology of a culture obsessed with children and celebrities over personal growth. The sobering truth is that we are not guaranteed ANY amount of time. Some individuals live a long life while others are “cheated” out of life at an early age. This is echoed in the gnostic transmissions of William Blake:

“Every night and every morn, some to misery are born. Every morn and every night, some are born to sweet delight. Some are born to sweet delight, some are born to Endless Night.”

Modern New Age pop psychology attempts to hide this inconvenient reality by creating such pablum as “everything happens for a reason.” This is repeated ad nauseam as if it’s a life raft in a world far adrift from its foundational compass.

Outside of Time

One of the most fundamental concepts which must be grasped by the individual navigating the murky waters of the modern world is that the Soul lives outside of Time. Through the tapas of our spiritual praxis or intense physical training, we are awarding fleeting glimpses of this Soul Realm.

By developing a committed daily routine fueled by a feral inner devotion to the Soul, one’s vision transforms over time. One develops the ability to see beyond the surface, beyond the mundane ersatz promises and into the kernel of your life. This ability to always seek the inner, developed via the heat of our outer praxis and commitment allow us to be what Novalis is calling a “true inquirer.”

We are able to both exist outside of time and also care little for time simultaneously; we become the Living Dead. We develop a vision which is fueled by the susurrations of Eternity, sonorous in timbre, inconceivable in scope, anathema to the myopic modern mind.

Womb of the Mother

The Eternal yearning of the Soul is not within the stronghold of time. We need not fear the aging of the body or the aging of the mind as these are children of Time and will eventually return to the Womb of the Mother. Each life plays its own role under the silent observation of the Soul, the mind a type of actor who is not aware of the script or the fact that he is created by the Soul.

Therefore, develop a vision which sets realistic goals for your daily life but also deepen this vision and see beyond the mundane into the vistas of the Soul outside of Time! Our journeys continue on to mysterious realms after our body ages and returns to dust and sleeps in the bowels of the Earth, seeping into the hidden and forbidden. Forbidden to whom? To those who seek temporary happiness, to those afraid of Time, afraid of commitment to something beyond the mundane, afraid of transformation.

Seek this forbidden realm outside of Time; allow it to become the landscape which frames the ritual of your life; become the Living Dead in a world which refuses to admit the eternal presence of the Soul. The kernel hidden within the outer husk will grow stronger with each breath, a glowing ember of radical transformation, a daemonic entity to the modern mind.

Escapist Transcendence

This does not mean we develop some type of escapist transcendence. Quite the opposite! We seek to dive deeper into the dark soil of the Earth and the body, becoming pilgrims in the corporeal landscape, our Soul like a fire in the midst of darkness which calls us further and further into the hidden. With the Soul as compass, we can dedicate ourselves to each and every mundane task without depression or drain as we learn to transform our life into a literal ritual.

This is not a hollow dream but rather a fundamental truth for the warrior of the Soulscape. This grander vision also does not mean we do not strive for excellence or greatness! The scintillating radiations of the Soul gives the mundane realm the opportunity to become important lessons and fuel for our inner transformation; the radiations allow us to use the mundane as an alchemical environment for personal growth rather than personal entropy.

The Soul’s Eternity

Make it a point to develop your deeper vision, your own personal Soul vision. Each Soul radiates on a unique frequency and we must organize our lives, our bodies and our minds in order to hear Its transmission. Creativity is a key alkahest for this deeper vison. Make it a point to develop a diverse array of creative pathways in your life, allowing your Soul to inseminate your daily reality.

One of the fundamental deficiencies of the modern world is the lack of creativity due to its separation from the Soul. Seek to reinfuse your daily life with creativity and do not allow your life to become stale, predictable or commodified. Create an environment conducive to the manifestation of Soul! This allows you to weather the storm of daily disappointments and challenges with faith in the grander vision of the Soul, a vision which exists beyond the scope of our limited and transient mortal life.

Remember the single sentence written by Yukio Mishima before his death:

“Human life is limited, but I want to live forever.”

Do not be limited by your life, rather see your life as a transient gift. Who knows how much time you have left? Do not waste another moment!

Create something daily, create something out of the clay of your mundane commitments, something which opens the doorway to the Eternity of your Soul!

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  1. Michel says:

    Words of Wisdom- thank you

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