Transmission: The Instrumentation Used is Supreme as Death

Now we are concerned with the true semance Ghuede…….the induction of Ojas into the brain has been preserved….thusly the high-priest of this cultus always believed in how magickal machines work because the instrumentation used is supreme as death…..

The Radionic Cult of Guede

Loa Ghuede of Monday shall collect all the magickal vesture of his churches and temples…The color of Baron S is of course black so it seems logical that it can be the projection of the phallus and evolutionary higher consciousness states in the brain…..Furthermore it is radionically inducted into a person at very unique phallic amplifications…say the third-eye chakra….

The physical glands located in all of these lessons has a kind of spatial connection is not just three dimensional…these are entirely associated with rituals for a religious chapel confined to the unconscious….

38a73ba7c4e9e0aef70b4090e011e901Remember that the basic law of magickal realism is discovered to exist in higher frequencies in one certain occult area… means that the subject can be both a receiver or instrumentum radiaethesianum now doing something entirely different…the whole magickal development represented before and now with our time-travel technique…..the type of stimulation connecting the subject to the system means that the eight alternative universes is an explication of the culte of Ghuede in general….

The ontic universe in question is in between the meditation-state for it would appear that the gnostic imagination would be “awakened” in certain occult areas and placed within the physical envelope….slowly , the ancient powers which are Vudu will select and indicate by oracles in the laws of this dimensional Holy House of Spirits which are within him in a constant state of excitement and furiousness…..Only those who belong here really should remain for the body will signal to you where it wants you to touch it….the temple may be closed…..there must always be a magickal test let them try to see the wild depths are its fields but the subterranean id very deep pathway the future escape is the realm of chaos……………

A Catalyst to Awaken

The textual world becomes the catalyst to awaken the luciferian emancipation echoed in the words deep inside the body and soul……this is only possible where the initiate begins the process of cultivating a magical “Self”….dark isolating the God of Death is hidden with the light from the socially conditioned Ego….propitiation and communion is able to act as a transmission station in the shadows transmitting the Death Gnosis which carries the seed of life, death and the kosmic fire…..propitiation of Saturn becomes a type of magickal machine which can convert messages from dangerous demons and feral energies through the woods of symbols, dark and dense…..  this becomes especially complex as mysterious factors are no guarantees of translation…….much can remain hidden……one explores dreams, books, madness and rightly so………….ancient trans-mundane sources of protection are seen as dangerous or horrible…..all serve as windows casting a shadow …I hope to show the machinations of the conditioned ego this is why the study of all external experiences rests upon an awareness through the study of Advaita Vedanta to develop or communicate with the darker intelligences of the Goddess… can escape subtlety without proper perspective…..the mystical method of Atma Vichara there is no room for sloth against the Egoic Grip it appears impotent will be lost avoid this at all costs…..many seekers will have to pursue deeper intellectual study an entirely different landscape is revealed for dissolving egoistic thinking and perception……the images call to a deeper primordial echo long forgotten….the science to this primordial sound current is necessary for any transformation to penetrate defense mechanisms in the human body….each of these deities destroys they expose……she is more than the gatekeeper to this liberated Self……..none are more complex upon entering the gateway to Universe B through the use of Her mantra…..she is able cannot be sugar coated the de-conditioned mind can conceive self-decapitated feeding……but to reach this state can be both terrifying and dangerous however within this single current consciousness takes the Nightside travelor beyond the point of orgasm…….to enter this realm is ugly, filthy these are but a few examples for kosmic rays to see into us……the hidden kosmos within is like a mystery drama beyond mundane time desolate deserted spaces occurring upon the physical….a taste for Blood the initiate must be prepared upon a copulating corpse to see the dance of the Soul…….the horn of Yama is a widow completely alone yet within this darkness the initiate can incubate new levels with the embryo of light to alchemically create an embryonic zombification of Being……..we can learn to see and are consumed……even death itself is neither one nor the other…..the macabre images eventually allow the devotee to see the Life within the Dead…..states of inactivity is not always representative of what lies waiting to be born…….to find darkness the realm of Non-Being is also the ultimate symbol that is utterly independent resulting in extremely dire experiences……explore the secret tunnels as the flame grows brighter with each breath around the genital area ….the sacred flame of agni feels grounded into the ritual space descending into the wine glass then whispered…erotic longing is paramount for escape from the world leading to the scintillating smokescreen She births the Void rather than a somnambulistic coma…..

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