Revelation of the Dark Goddess – Introduction to the Merciless Pathways series

First in a multi-part series exploring a unique and powerful approach to entering the Merciless Pathways of the Dark Goddess:

“The Tantric system is based upon the magical workings of both inner and outer plane phenomena. It is truly a magical system, because it has special initiations and powers and rites, which must be done on a regular basis in order to maintain control over the inner worlds. It is a system which is based upon the building up of a state of fearlessness in the magician or yogin.” – Michael Bertiaux

“When an aspirant finds fearless support in That which is invisible, incorporeal, indefinable, and supportless, they have obtained fearlessness. If they make the slightest differentiation in IT, there is fear. That becomes the cause of fear for the knower of differentiation who does not reflect.” – Taittiriya Upanishad

The search for reality is the most dangerous of all undertakings for it destroys the world in which you live.” – Nisargadatta Maharaj

The Zen master Huang Po once commented that the transmission and reception of teachings is a “mysterious” process. This process can be likened to the translation of a text into another language. Translation is an extremely subtle and delicate process whereby an idea or body of work literally undergoes a transformation.

Success or failure of this transformation lies solely upon the skills, aptitude, intentions and experience of the translator. As we know by the study of history, much can be lost in the process of translation; and much can remain hidden. What Huang Po was alluding to when he referred to the transmission of knowledge as “mysterious” is the patent non-linear process of revelation.  

Just as the methodology of translation is more of an art than a technique, it too follows a crooked non-linear path laden with tributaries and by-ways. After a teaching has been translated and transmitted it must fall upon suitable soil and be “digested”.  And so we face the mysteries of transmission and translation. This becomes especially complex when we seek to explore the vast shadowy landscape of Tantric praxis.

Uncharted Territory 

When one explores uncharted territory, the role of the guide becomes paramount. This guide can appear in various guises: teachers, books, art, dreams, visions , trans-mundane communications, etc. The mysterious process is reception, guidance and digestion; all three factors must occur in unison.  However this mysterious process is also unforgiving and “merciless.”  There are no guarantees.

Even if one buys the map, the route is not standardized and the transmission cannot be homogenized. Guides cannot always be trusted, and much remains hidden. Vedic thought uses the word “adhikara” to allude to this situation. Meaning literally “authority and ownership”, adhikara expresses the concept of the aspirant’s readiness and competence for the reception of knowledge; one’s digestive strength so to speak.

This “digestion” consists of passion or dedication, intelligence or perception, and dispassion or detachment.  This digestive process can be just as mysterious as transmission as all aforementioned factors must occur in concert.  Without this collaborative effort, the doorways of understanding and transformation cannot be opened.

Roadblocks on a Timeless Quest

The system of Tantra has many byways and tributaries which can lead the aspirant to complete Luciferian emancipation or to Archonic madness.  The pathways are laden with roadblocks and rightly so. For as Michael Bertiaux has stated in the VGW , “This is a timeless quest and few are called to become the alchemists of their own destiny.”   In this series I hope to introduce three unique doorways into the Tantric tradition of the Dark Goddess.  These doorways allow the Voudon initiate access to ancient trans-mundane sources of protection, guidance and power.  

This guidance and protection can be of great importance when the initiate ventures into Meonic explorations and expeditions.  In the diverse and fecund Tantric tradition, one pathway stands out as quite unique: The Dasha Mahavidyas or “10 wisdom Goddesses”. Within this tradition, three Goddesses stand out as exquisitely dark:  Bhairavi, Chinnamasta, and Dhumavati.  The ten wisdom Goddesses all serve as windows into the infinite and these three particularly dark Goddesses cast a unique “light” which rather than casting a shadow, is the shadow; the rays of the Sol Niger itself. And just as we must have eyes to see the light, not all aspirants can see in the dark of the Black Light.  

18922741_10214002588439174_7440741306810777546_oJourney Beyond

Yet to the willing and qualified devotee, the Goddess will lead on a journey into the Self and beyond. She will serve as a Gnostic doorway into deeper realms of Being and Luciferian emancipation or Kaivalya.  However the aspirant must be willing to abandon all mundane and phenomenal considerations if choosing to tread this pathway. The three Gnostic doorways of the Dark Goddess require specific keys and once opened require dedication and complete devotion.  

In this series you will find many clues, keys, and vital transmissions. The reader must provide the appetite and the digestive capacity to properly integrate these subtle nutrients and open the doorways hinted at as we progress. Even just a surface discussion of these nightside entities can stimulate and stir deep chthonic movements within the reader’s psyche.

She Chooses You

As one of my Tantric mentors once noted “you don’t choose the Goddess, She chooses you.”  In a future piece in this series I will discuss proper methods of preparation for approaching these Dark Gnostic currents and accepting the offer of Her patronage, particularly the study of Advaita Vedanta, Mantra Vidya, and the process of Atma Vichara.  

I hope to show that the frightening and “merciless” pathways of the Dark Goddess are crucial for dissolving the Archonic machinations of the conditioned Ego.  Rather than seeing them as dangerous or horrible, we will discover that they lead to ultimate Self Realization, emancipation and independence.

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Note: The Merciless Path series serializes material originally presented in ATUA: Voices from La Societe Voudon Gnostique (Fulgur, 2011) 


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  1. I don’t know what else to say except; thank you for taking the time to post this. It speaks to my soul.

    1. rudra256 says:

      Thank you!! I appreciate your feedback, more to come soon!

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