Bhairavi, The Fierce One – Merciless Pathways | Names of the Dark Goddess

“She exists in the forms of sleep, lack of memory, illusion, and dullness in creatures immersed in the illusion of the world, but among the Yogis She becomes the power that destroys all thoughts, indeed Samadhi itself!”  – Ganapati Muni

“He who by discernment has effaced all objectivity is one established in the Reality of Awareness. He is the Fire of Awareness and the wielder of the Vajra. He is the hero who has done away with death, canceling time itself.” – Ramana Maharshi

Images associated with the Dark Goddess under the sacred names of Bhairavi, Chinnamasta, and Dhumavati can be extremely chilling and ominous.  Yet this often fearsome imagery calls deep into the powerful and primordial root of consciousness –  their voices echoing through uncharted chthonic passageways of our unconsciousness reminding of things long forgotten.  

The ultimate Dark Goddess is Kali, her dance of life and death revealed through the interplay of aspects which color the unique characteristics of Bhairvavi, Chinnamasta , and Dhumavati. Each of these names is a Gnostic doorway which, when opened correctly, destroys all obfuscations and illusions.  

One cannot control and direct these currents; one must submit!  These currents do not cater to our modern obsessions, insecurities or fears; They expose them. One cannot meet these Goddesses “halfway”; They demand ultimate sacrifice.  

Let us now turn the key and open the doorways, beginning with…


 She is called “the fierce one”, Bhairavi.  She sits on a corpse throne and dwells in the cremation ground. She eats flesh, drinks blood and destroys those who despise and criticize blood offerings.  

In the human body, she emerges in the Muladhara chakra at the base of the spine.  The tantric text “Sarada-Tilaka” states “we worship You who as the coiled serpent goes to the city of Shiva after passing along the shusumna nadi making all the lotuses bloom.”  This elegantly simple statement reveals a powerful secret of Luciferian Gnosis and displays the transcendent power that Bhairavi wields.

22879270_10215422291170855_774758976_oThe ultimate form of speech, Para Vak, originates in the Muladhara chakra and by devotion and worship of Bhairavi one can gain powerful knowledge and understanding of sound and its many currents.  The Science of Mantra Vidya, the discipline of worship through mantra, is the most powerful method for the aspirant to connect to this primordial currents which lie coiled and sleeping at the base of the spine.  

Bharivavi is the gatekeeper to this dark passageway.  Her mantra is the hissing sound of the serpent itself! This hiss sound can be joined to specific tantric mantras which serve to penetrate deep within the recesses of the psyche eluding all egoic defense mechanisms and social conditionings.  Once inside this serpentine vibration will uproot all mundane masks and reveal all which is covering our true independent Self.

Bhairavi is kundalini herself. As such, she is the ultimate symbol of the sacrificial flame or Agni.  She creates an altar out of the body of the aspirant and all mundane hopes, desires and fears become fodder for this insatiable sacrificial fire. As a symbol of fire, She also represents the aspirant’s spiritual devotion, will and dedication or Tapas. Tapas is necessary for any transformation to occur, and functions as a type of creative incubation allowing new growth to emerge from the destruction of the old.

As Nisargadatta Maharaj stated, “Everything must be scrutinized and the unnecessary ruthlessly destroyed. Believe me, there cannot be enough destruction” .   Bhairavi is more than just a mere personification of tapas or will power, She is the tapas.

22883614_10215422319011551_43733321_oOnce we establish contact with Her current, She will use Her fire to destroy all false and negative aspects of the psyche.  For one who is not ready for such an event, this can be both terrifying and dangerous.  However, Her only wish is to protect us from false assumptions and egoic and societal manipulation.

Her flames both purify and protect us and when properly understood develop a state of fearlessness in the aspirant.  To reach this state, all must be exposed and we must journey into the deepest chthonic realms of our Being.  

Bhairavi protects us on this journey, but She will also expose all things we hide from the conditioned aspects of our consciousness. She allows access to the deepest most elemental aspects of our being. Being located in the Muladhara Chakra at the base of the spine, Bhairavi acts as a gatekeeper to the primordial Gnosis which is fueled by dark chthonic sexuality.  This elemental sexuality is the link to the Transcendental Id, that primal force whose true power is only hinted at in discussions of the terror that lies within the subconscious realms of the mind.

The purification process of Bhairavi is the most important aspect for the aspirant to consider before attempting congress with Chinnamasta and Dhumavati. By the destruction of all false identifications and conditionings, the aspirant will experience the state of fearlessness spontaneously.

This experience is echoed by Nisargadatta , “When you put on an identity that is not yours, you are afraid. When you are the pure ‘I Amness’ only, there is no fear”.   Bhairavi reveals who we truly are so that when we stand before the transformative force of Chinnamasta and the vacuum –like Void of Dhumavati, we will not psychically disintegrate.  

Her mantras typically end with “svaha”, the utterance that is voiced when sacrifice is offered to sacred fire. She provides the key to untying the knot or “granthi” which prevents the Kundalini from rising up the sacred pathway to Daath, the Brahma granthi.

Through the use of Her mantra we can offer all our fears into Her funeral pyre and undergo the deepest purification necessary to start the journey toward kaivalya or ultimate Luciferian independence.


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  1. What is a decent “introductory” mantra for the purposes of venerating Bhairavi? (i.e. for someone who is not imitated into any particular Tantric lineage) A cursory glance at most site that pop up on google are dubious at best regarding Mahavidyas. Thanks in advance.

    1. rudra256 says:

      Thank you for the question. Information on the inner workings on Tantra will not be found via google or the internet. These teachings are only between teacher and students in authentic lineages. Bhairavi is a fierce Cosmic force and years of preparation are needed prior to working with Her current.

  2. Peyton Powell says:

    Any favorite mantras for Bharaivi?

    1. Peyton Powell says:

      Nevermind. I read the previous question and answer about Bhairavi mantra. Thanks I love this collection of writings about the mahavidyas and the Dark Goddess and keep coming back to them! Keep up the good work!!🙏🏼

      1. rudra256 says:

        Thank you so much!!!

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