Chinnamasta, The Keys of This Blood – Merciless Pathways | Names of the Dark Goddess

Of all the Dark Wisdom Goddesses, perhaps none are more complex, disconcerting or gruesome as Chinnamasta. Self- decapitated , feeding Herself and Her devotees with her own blood, and dancing on a copulating couple, Her name literally means “a severed head.”  Each of these images carries a Gnostic message and functions as a doorway into levels of consciousness far beyond what the even the de-conditioned mind can conceive.  

Chinnamasta is typically associated with the Ajna Chakra or the “third eye”.  Within this single eye all duality is eclipsed; one cannot cross the threshold of Chinnamasta unchanged.  Her transformation is not temporary and cannot be sugar coated. However within this single current lies a Solar and Lunar pathway converging into a doorway which opens upon the Sol Niger.

ChinnamastaThe aspirant must be aware and have a solid foothold on deeper states of consciousness in order to safely navigate these pathways.  Chinnamasta carries the Vidyut Shaki, the cosmic force of instantaneous transformation.  She represents the Atma-Yajna or Self sacrifice wherein we offer our mind to the Goddess as our sacred gift. To the devotee that understands how to read her Gnostic images, certain keys are given which will open sacred pathways beyond the mind and into the realm of the liberated Self.  

The Nightside-Sorcerer can use the mantras of Chinnamasta to protect themselves from vampiric entities which seek to drain the life force and Ojas upon entering the gateway to Daath or Universe B. Upon entering Universe B, one cannot use the normal waking or “dayside” level of consciousness.

Chinnamasta cuts off the head of the dayside consciousness and takes the Nightside traveler beyond conditioned time and space.  She is able to pierce or unravel the knot in the head, the “Rudra-granthi. This knot is found in the Ajna or Third Eye chakra, the most powerful point to allow Kundalini to flow through the Sushumna channel.  

If this knot remains tied, the adept’s mind can be fodder for any parasitic Qliphotic entity. However when Chinnamasta cuts off the head of the conditioned mind, this knot falls asunder. At this point the adept can access the Sushumna.  This pathway allows the nocturnal Shaman to enter the formless realms of pure consciousness which glimmer with power in the Nightside realm.  

The Sushumna is the “pathway to the Gods” or Devayana. This is the Luciferian pathway to Kaivalya, the merciless path to Kosmic Gnosis.  It is important to understand that normal “waking” consciousness does not function in this realm and unless the adept has taken proper precautions, loss of sanity can occur.

Linear time also does not function in the Sushumna channel. When the adept can keep consciousness stabilized and centered in this channel, powerful techniques of esoteric time-travel can be explored. Michael Bertiuax references this as the Art of Living in Silence and says “You do not age in the timeless realm of eternity, for there is no time in that realm.”  Ritual work can be empowered by directing the consciousness to enter into the Sushumna.  

However, it takes much work and initiatic empowerments to fully stabilize awareness in this channel without the adept losing his sense of Kosmic individuality.

Chinnamasta 3The combination of ritual work with mantra and pranayama allows the adept to center the consciousness in the Sushumna and consequently “see” the world with the eyes of Chinnamasta.   She allows us to see into the realms of the Dead, and the realms of the Dead to see into us. Over time, the initiate can hear the whispers of the elemental voice of the Soul while It converses with the Dead.  

Initiatic vision or La prise de yeux will enable the devotee to see the dance of the Soul in all Its Kosmic expressions as well as to discover the hidden Kosmos within.  Chinnamasta can awaken what Ludwig Klages refers to as the “Elemental Vision” which destroys mundane perceptions which enslave the Soul’s voice and separate us from our deeper Ophidian memories. These are but a few examples of how Chinnamasta can transform and alchemically transmutate the adept.

One of the most important and powerful images expressed in the iconography of Chinnamasta is the imagery of the Blood. Chinnamasta feeds Herself and Her devotees Her own Blood offering ecstatic rapture and Kosmic radiance. The lightning strike power of Chinnamasta, Her Vidyut Shakti, can illuminate the Blood and turn the body into an alembic vessel.  

Within the Blood lay keys which can awaken the Soul’s voice and open the doorway for Kosmic rays to shower the initiate’s body.  These rays of Kosmic light re-activate the Soul’s ecstatic longing and allow the adept to live a life suffused with erotic energy.  As stated by David Beth, “Once the Soul is empowered and the devolution stopped, the Blood may awake!”  This awakening is highly erotic and is symbolized by the dance of Chinnamasta and Her devotees upon a copulating couple.

Many experts will assert that this symbolism expresses the transcendence of sexuality, however from the tantric and Voudon perspective this symbol alludes to the practices of elemental sexual magic.  Rituals for Chinnamasta can be empowered by this sexual current which is connected itself to the awakening of Bhairavi and the Transcendental Id in the body and Blood of the initiate. It must be remembered that the Voudon elemental sexual magic is not the typical shallow form of modern “tantra”.

As Michael Bertiuax states “The real participants in sexual magic are the elements within the psyche, the icons, which are elements of a very refined consciousness, having counterparts in the physical self, in the body. Sexual magic is like a mystery drama or Dance-Mystique where the elements are performed with an idea that what is occurring upon the physical is representative of what is taking place in the inner or magical realm.   


The Shadow sorcerer can use the Mystery of Solitude in personal rituals to Chinnamasta to access gateways into deep Nightside states and can use this sexual energy to both empower and protect himself from Qliphotic vampires as he travels to the Backside of the Tree.  

Particular mantras can be used at the point of orgasm to direct the consciousness of the sorcerer to states beyond mundane time and space allowing the Nightside shaman to explore vast Kosmic realms and possibly enter the Universe of the Great Wastes of metacosmic darkness.

To enter this realm, only the Dark Nightside Goddess can be of any help and the initiate must be prepared to sacrifice all and drink the scintillating Blood of the ultimate Nightside Goddess Kali!

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