Golgotha Semantic Resonance – Cut-ups from the Land of the Dead

“Docteur Williams, your work reflects the nature of Quantum reality. And perhaps hints at how the Zandorist can use occult forces to grow spiritually, and shows how you are scientifically and spiritually exploring the Vodou Science.

You must continue your work of the Zandorist, you must continue to push the boundaries of the Bio-field frequencies and establish the Elijah-Elisha connection. The Cult of Golgotha must become a Strange Attractor, a Vortex of Singularity!”

–  Dr. Reginald Crosley, author of The Vodou Quantum Leap: Alternate Realities, Power, and Mysticism (Llewellyn Publications, 2000)

29133384_10216705809538012_4218369036766937088_nThe Cult of Golgotha reveals a a Quantum view into the mysterious Death Gnosis of our Cultus. Radiations from Universe B echo out into the terrestrial realms revealing strange singularities of Time and Space….

Drawing upon decades of initiatic work within Tantric Physics, esoteric medical sciences, and Gnostic Voudon, the Cult of Golgotha is the path of the Strange Attractor and the Zandoric Mysteries, a Meta-Physics, a Forbidden Singularity…as Entering the Desert was a criticism of a faulty imagination so it is that Golgotha is a refining of the imagination – an open doorway to Imaginal wormholes.

Initiates of Golgotha must be:

Seers of the Impossible
Poets of the Unspeakable
Psi-entists of the Invisible

We are Astro-Nots!



The Darkness is Undying…Cut-ups from the Land of the Dead 

“You can’t reach the Heavenlies without going through Hell! Every new level has a new Devil.” – Brent Lewis, pastor of Mt. Pleasant Community Church

Discarnate intelligences are inseminating and penetrating the human nervous system and working from the inside out, not from the outside in.

When these words of radioactive blasphemy were uttered, the doorway into the terrestrial realm was irreparably opened:

“I remembered the line from the Hindu scripture, the Bhagavad-Gita; Vishnu is trying to persuade the Prince that he should do his duty and, to impress him, takes on his multi-armed form and says, “Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.” I suppose we all thought that, one way or another.”

The Golgotha Initiate embodies a Deathboundness which the waking world perceives as Daemonic Horror – the fortunate reader of this text will be imbued with Gnostic radiations and Saturnian essences which in time will dissolve the waking state of reality.

IMG_8054Within Golgotha is not a Jihad but rather a Gnostic Polemos, a constant tension-becoming-destruction of generative Death Gnosis.

Initiates assume heinous and horrifying masks which once embodied are unable to remove. We exist in a Quantum entanglement with the Ambient Dead.

A wild dog arrives in the night out of the Desert.  And then goes back out into nothing.

“We are here to rehumanize the body….join us as we celebrate the Eucharist of the Dead.”

Upon the Hill of the Skull one sees: 111

1+ 1+ 1= 3

3 Crosses of Golgotha.

3 granthis to be removed.

“Every person, place and thing in the chaosmos of Alle anyway connected with the gobblydumped turkery was moving and changing every part of the time: the travelling inkhorn (possibly pot), the hare and turtle pen and paper, the continually more and less intermisunderstanding minds of the anticollaborators, the as time went on as it will variously inflected, differently pronounced, otherwise spelled, changeably meaning vocable scriptsigns.” – James Joyce,  Finnegan’s Wake

The Cerebral Chakras and the hidden Sexual Chakras of raw esoteric Voudon unite to form Nest of Serpents, the unified Body of the Living Dead. Golgotha is a repository of secrets, a vision of a yet to be spoken Etherian Physics. The Sushumna is the pathway, the Chakras are the gateways, this is the Cabala of Golgotha.

29102028_10216705696575188_4715271309527875584_nIn The Cult  we seek to establish gateways between Universe A and Universe B within the mental / physical bodies; however we refer to these bodies as “Atmospheres”, implying the non-static nature of the mental / physical.

These atmospheres are in a constant state of a quantum Heraclitian flux which remains unseen to a Newtonian myopia.  Once established, these gateways allow the Aromas of the Dead to seep into waking reality.

“Ghosts arrive from the past and appear in the present. However, the ghost cannot be properly said to belong to the past. . . . Does then the ‘historical’ person who is identified with the ghost properly belong to the present? Surely not, as the idea of a return from death fractures all traditional conceptions of temporality. The temporality to which the ghost is subject is therefore paradoxical, at once they ‘return’ and make their apparitional debut. Derrida has been pleased to call this dual movement of return and inauguration a ‘hauntology’, a coinage that suggests a spectrally deferred non-origin within grounding metaphysical terms such as history and identity. . . . Such an idea also informs the well-known discussion of the origin of language in Of Grammatology, where . . . any attempt to isolate the origin of language will find its inaugural moment already dependent upon a system of linguistic differences that have been installed prior to the ‘originary’ moment.” – Peter Buse and Andrew Stott, A Future for Haunting (Ghosts: Deconstruction, Psychoanalysis, History (Springer,  1999)

Golgotha is an Aesthetic Ontology. In Ghuede Radionics, the Ambjent Dead use the electric nature of our nervous systems to communicate in a type of gnostic hauntology.  We don’t use machines per se, rather we turn the body into the Body Electric.

Tantric Physics is a TECHNOLOGY for Spirit Contact….

From Being and Non-Being

From Universe A / Universe B

The body is the magical machine. Know then that in Golgotha the Soul is a Vimana!

“We must embody the blackest forms of necromancy to wage the war for the Soul. Our masks are heinous and rightly so.

The Yellow Blood radiates the flesh of the AstroNOT penetrating the deepest cells hidden within the Desert of the Soul, casting shadows of existential dread and inextinguishable horror breaking the machinations of Archonic Control.”

– Nishida Spirit Famiy, Meonic Revelation.

The Cult of Golgotha is a Science of the Imagination opening doorways into Imaginal Wormholes and Quantum Singularities.

Prepare yourself…tonight we make a journey beyond Revelation….


FORTHCOMING FROM ANATHEMA PUBLISHING – The Cult of Golgotha: Quantum Vision and the Yahweh Dimension, a new view from Calvary via the medium, Craig Williams, author of Entering the Desert: Pilgrimage to the Hinterland of the Soul

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