The Cult of Golgotha – Unveiled

I’m very excited to announce the news of my upcoming work for Anathema Publishing: The Cult of Golgotha – a deepening and continuation of my previous work Entering the Desert: Pilgrimage to the Hinterland of the Soul (Anathema Publishing, 2017).

This new offering is dedicated to the important teachings of figures like legendary American thanatologist, Leilah Wendell and the visionary work of Quantum-Voudon Surrealist, Dr. Reginald O. Crosley – The Cult of Golgotha unveils hidden currents of Death Gnosis rooted in the soils of India, Tibet, and Louisiana.

All author’s proceeds from the sale of The Cult of Golgotha will be donated to the New Vision art school in Port Au Prince, Haiti in honor of Dr. Crosley’s groundbreaking work and in support of the vibrant arts movement that embodies this Caribbean island’s visceral Ojas:

THE CULT OF GOLGOTHA (Anathema Publishing, 2018)

“Deep inside the hidden Cells of the Desert Gnostics exists a strange and mysterious circle of initiates: the Cult of Golgotha.

This Cultus of forbidden embodied Death Gnosis transmits a feral quantum radioactivity which alchemically transforms the flesh and blood, mind and nervous system of all who are exposed to its unpredictable trajectory. Expanding upon the acclaimed Entering the Desert and the Desert Grimoire contained therein, the Cult of Golgotha presents a rare glimpse into a mesmerizing electrical current, the Para-physics of Tantric Vodon.

A cross-pollination of Tantric Physics, Pagan Sacramental Gnosticism, and Esoteric Voudon, the Cult of Golgotha manifests mediumistic trance-missions and quantum Revelations rooted in the dark soils and esoteric spaces of India, Tibet, and Louisiana, an inspired work of occult creativity pulsing within the Desert of the Soul.

With introductions by Leilah Wendell and David Metcalfe, and art by Murk Jelena, the Cult of Golgotha continues the transmissions of the Desert Gnosis, revealing windows into the magical Cells of the time-traveling Meta-physicians of Tantric Vodon and its recondite Spirit Contacts.”

Projected release date and more information about this project will be forthcoming as we get closer to publication!


Spectres by Leilah Wendell – Original ink wash, acrylic & coloured pencil on archival watercolour paper 11 x 17
Haitian-Golgotha Gateway by Lesly Pierrepaul, director of the New Vision art school in Port Au Prince, Haiti


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