Gather My Children, the Priests of Night Arrive on Black Wings | Cult of Golgotha

“Gather my children, the Priests of Night arrive on Black Wings, the Body and Blood awaken, the Mass of the Dead is beginning……”

The Cult of Golgotha has many roots, including the important work of the American sorcerer, Michael Bertiaux and the uncompromising and adept vision of American thanatologist, Leilah Wendell whose life work and presence manifests as a living incarnation of a vitalistic Death Gnosis – both of these premier figures of America’s unique gnostic landscape have provided invaluable personal instruction on navigating the dark spheres of spiritual empowerment.    

Golgotha honors and implements their urgent request for individuals to manifest unique systems of occult creativity in an age of increasing secularization and Ahrimanic manipulation. In doing so it represents a unique, and perhaps unrecognized, development of a mature teacher/student relationship – a necromantic current that runs deep in the flesh and blood of the Cult of Golgotha.

“Dear Brother Craig,

I am aware that we are part of a spiritual family and that you are a Gnostic Bishop who also shares my zodiacal sign….

While not everyone may welcome your spiritual energy, I feel I am wise enough to recognize it as part and place of my own family.

With every good wish for your work and happiness, I remain in the spirit of Gnosis, your friend forever,

Michael Bertiaux

We live in a world filled with Spirits on an infinite level of Cosmic expression and there is no doubt that one can communicate with discarnate intelligences.  In this maelstrom of ephemeral influences – without a teacher and a teaching,  seekers run round and round in a solipsistic samsaric Hall of Mirrors, always searching for something ‘outside’ which will provide access to the secret inner realms.. One cannot be a visitor to penetrate into the realms of esotericism; one must become a devotee.  

The Cult of Golgotha is such a path of devotion – a path stripped to the bone by desert winds and cosmic radiations. In a form transfigured by the truth it encapsulates the Cult and goes beyond the commodified veils of Ahriman in a vital act of reality reclamation  – the terms “Left Hand Path” and “Dark Goddess” are completely commodified in the modern world, with anyone and everyone claiming to be “left hand” and calling up the “Dark Goddess” as easily as shooting an email to a friend or texting with an iphone.

The Cult is no mere commodity or badge of identification, so do not expect to find the familiar shapes of illusory phantasy that encapsulate so many expressions of the traditions that the Cult draws from. In Golgotha, Imagination is rooted in the Imaginal, our expression is neurophysiological death Gnosis.

Growing up immersed in study with a Spiritualist church and the main guides in this group were crucial for helping others to learn to “listen to the Spirits” as well as discerning what the “Spirits” were attempting to communicate!

It was common sense knowledge that it took time, patience , initiation, systematic personal spiritual cultivation, and human guides in order to cultivate clairvoyance and clairaudience. It was not assumed or taught that anyone or everyone could “communicate with the Spirits”, it was a process of subtle listening as well as physical initiation and personal spiritual evolution it was not just “calling in the Spirits.”

Yet today the modern world demands instant results and communication modeled after our obsession with technology! Therefore I encourage people to find balanced human guides to help facilitate travels into the “ Borderland” and to couple this with methodical spiritual study to facilitate cultivation of the inner senses which function in the mysterious realms of the Spirits and in the subtle realms which surround us all.  There are of course always rogue exceptions to these ideas but these are much rarer than we would like to think, and to assume that each of us is an exception to the rule is a naïve and dangerous idea as well!


“So, if and when you meet me here, in this world, and I have a glass of wine in one hand and a cigarette in the other, my stereo blaring out an old Black Sabbath tune in the background, don’t look so appalled…and maybe, just maybe, the face that greets you will be His.” – Leilah Wendell, Westgate Necromantic

The Cult of Golgotha manifests an expression of embodied occult creativity wherein the imagination is deeply rooted in the Imaginal.  Expressing a Quantum vision of reality which is not obscured by fear or secular dilution, the Golgotha cultus represents a complex multi-layered Tantric Spiritualism based on yogic Samayama not wishful thinking or astral fantasies.

At its roots, the cultic relationship of Lineage/Teacher/Student represents the ultimate inversion of the modern mindset, standing firm as a beacon for the so-called “luciferian” light of truth, illuminating the passageway into the inner realms of the sacred where the (profane) individual is deconstructed by the solar light of the Atman/Soul.

Participation within the embodied matrix of practice which forms the Cult requires that the student first turn their discrimination upon themselves!  They must ask sobering questions – such as:

Why am I seeking a teacher? 

Why am I seeking to walk the Left Hand Path? 

What do I hope to gain? 

What am I willing to offer the teacher or system if and when I find them?  

Have I worked to balance myself on the most basic levels before seeking deeper study?

The modern seeker seems to search for a teacher / system like they are shopping for a new car; they treat it as a product which can be easily obtained with little effort and which must conform to their every wish! I often hear students or seekers ask or complain about how hard it is to find a teacher yet when asked what they are willing to do to actually obtain this rare mythical artifact, the answer is a blank stare. The teacher is expected to “wow” or impress the student and convince the student that he or she is a worthy guide for them. So it’s a complicated and depressing situation, a true example of the Kali Yuga.

A student must surely seek a teacher who is authentic, this goes without question. However, this must also be joined with an attitude which is ready to be a student! I also think the modern technological age has left a tamasic residue in the mind, in which the student expects everything to be “instant” and as easy as sending an email.

Going Our Separate Ways – Leilah Wendell

Finding a valid teacher is hard but NOT impossible. But to find this we may have to travel, search, meet many people , change and grow!

You can’t just Google enlightenment! Although I’m sure there are some people who say that you can…

I have no doubt that one can contact Spirits and discarnate intelligences – however, to assume that any and every emotional stimulation or dream is a valid Spirit communication is an extremely dangerous and flawed pathway.

This is one of the reasons why so many Sufi teachers tell Western seekers “you don’t need a Spiritual guide, you need a psychologist!” which more often than not angers the seeker who then labels the Sufi teacher as “arrogant” or flawed.

To communicate with Spirits, Loa, Gods, the Dead, Ancestors, or any type of discarnate intelligence is an extremely subtle experience in most cases, and one must learn to cultivate an entirely new system of “subtle organs” which function on a level which in most cases is in radical opposition to the modern conditioned mind / world.  Therefore most if not all traditional systems use physical initiatory methods to link the student to a sacred lineage or paramapara which can open doorways into the Numinous which are obscured or hidden to the modern sight.


The teacher can provide access to these realms via words, texts, rituals and physical initiation and help the student cultivate the subtle inner organs which can function on the inner realms of Being. This allows for a balanced experience and also protection in mysterious realms as well. There is no doubt an infinite number of Spirits existing in our environment, in our bodies and in our mind-space; some of these Spirits can be helpful, some indifferent, some feral and some malevolent. It’s extremely naïve to believe that we can navigate these realms without guidance from people who have also journeyed into these realms!

Students must look to the fruit of the teacher. Has the teacher produced other students which were able to manifest and grow? Is the teacher cultivating a personal approach for the student based upon his or her unique adhikara or state of being or are they handing out a homogenized standardized transmission?

The student should examine the background of the teacher and ask themselves if this background seems to connect to areas in which they too have journeyed or expressed curiosity, and approach the teacher with humility and respect, not treat the teacher as if they are a product which comes with a “satisfaction guaranteed” tag!  Spiritual systems can be quite complex and confusing, and the mind is even more mysterious.

So for a student to assume that they can be their own guide is both naïve and dangerous. I’m always shocked to see people grasp the idea that one cannot learn martial arts or medicine “on your own” yet claim that any and every God is communicating all the inner secrets to them instantly without any guide!!  The bottom line is that there is no guarantee for anyone. But there are constant Cosmic doorways offered to the student, however one has to be watchful, patient and open to change / growth.


It is a modern conception that Numinous transmissions are easily accessible to all regardless of the experience or preparedness of the student.  In many cases, the teacher becomes an afterthought and the sacred transmission of Gnosis, if found to be valuable at all, is seen as a commodity which can be bought or sold by anyone regardless of preparation or valid qualifications.

The student seeks a guide who will validate all of his thoughts/ideas and will quickly dispose of the teacher if any challenge is made to the chela’s naive beliefs or consumerist ideals. Information is viewed as something which can be claimed or purchased, initiations much the same. Anyone who draws attention to this situation with a critical eye is labeled an ‘elitist’ or ‘traditionalist’ turning those once powerful words into pejorative terms.

Adrift on the Bayou – Leilah Wendell,

You are encouraged to have a sober attitude to this communication and not assume that every nuance of the nervous system is a message from the Gods. Discarnate intelligences communicate via our senses and our nervous systems, and these can be damaged and flawed.

We often need the diagnostic mind of the teacher to show us where the flaws exist so we can clear / heal and resolve these flaws so that clear Spirit communication CAN occur.  The teacher can and should function as a doorway into the mysterious realms of the Numinous and teach us to travel into these realms in a safe and powerful manner.

The Cult of Golgotha / Louisiana Death Gnosis / Grimoire Ghuede ….We must honor our Mothers and Fathers!

Further manifestations coming soon from Anathema Publishing.


Note: Portions of this essay represent a reworking of material found in an interview conducted for the Peacock and Serpent blog in 2014.

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