Golgotha on the Horizon! | The Cult of Golgotha

Feel the energy pulsing and seeping through the cracks in the fabric of space-time and mundane perception…

Truly the Cult is Alive!

Materializing in the World and within the many Unseen Universes as a beneficial radioactive force for all involved, materializing as –


• Introduction by Leilah Wendell

• Foreword by Agostino Taumaturgo

• Epilogue by David Metcalfe

• Illustrations by Murk Jelena

• Docteur Williams’ proceeds will be donated to the New Vision Art School (in honour of Lesly and Dr. Reginald Crosley)

Pre-orders for Cult of Golgotha (Anathema Publishing, 2018), are set for August 1st, 2018 -with an estimated publication date scheduled for the first week of September.

The book will be offered in three distinct hardback editions: Standard (at approx. 550 copies); Deluxe (at approx. 150 copies); and the LIBER 16 Artisanal edition (strictly limited to 16 copies).

Keep watch for additional specifications, visuals, and related details which we will reveal in the coming weeks!

Along with the pre-order launch, on August 1st a ritual will be performed at key locations in the Americas to channel the energies of the Cult, honor the rooted traditions of Haiti and to support the strength and growth of our friends at The New Vision Art School in Port-au-Prince.

Please consider joining us as we send blessings to the deeper traditions of Haiti by performing a small rite of your own on the 1st in communion with the Cult.

You can also assist our Haitian brothers and sisters by connecting with them and supporting their work on social media:

With each day that passes closer they come – closer come the Priests of Night – closer come the watchful ones, the blessed ones, the blissful ones – closer come the terrible ones – the fated hosts of the Ambient Dead…

Do you not witness our presence in your Atmospheres? We have journeyed far to remind you…

Aa Ma Lan Trah HUM!
Aa Ma Lan Trah HRIM!
Aa Ma Lan Trah SHRIM!
Aa Ma Lan Trah AIM!
Aa Ma Lan Trah Krim!




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