Wormholes to the Imaginal | The Gnostic Imaginarium Letters

“Magicians can travel backwards and forwards in time. Gnostic engineering makes it possible to change the past in a number of ways. By changing the past, the present and future are changed.”

– Michael Bertiaux

One of the most important concepts within the Cult of Golgotha and the Ecclesia Gnostica Nigra is the practice of Gnostic Nostalgia. Via the Yogic praxis of Samyama, the gnostic explorer is able to experience a specific type of “time-travel” which allows for an experiential voyage into the inner-spaces of consciousness deep into the waters of the Cosmic Mind or Mahat.

“By performing Samyama on the Sun arises knowledge of the different realms of the universe.”

–  Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, III.26

52596492_852057065126359_5082981434176569344_nSuch voyages are Solar in nature and deeply related to the Yogic technology of Kriya Yoga. For Golgotha initiates, Kriya Yoga functions as a type of gnostic Vimana which transports the consciousness into realm of inner and outer Space deep into the Mahat.

This allows for a submersion into the waters of quantum time whereby the explorer may travel back in time to search for important spiritual artifacts which the conscious mind has forgotten.

The technology of Kriya Yoga consists of:

  1. Tapas: ascetic practices of physical, mental and spiritual nature which functions in an incendiary manner; a type of creative incubation which deconditions, purifies, and transforms the mind, nervous system, and physical body of the initiate; essentially a “physics of the flesh.”
  2. Svadhyaya: silent recitation of sacred scriptures, japa, silent mental repetition of mantras; essentially a “physics of the nervous system and pranic body.”
  3. Ishvara Pranidhana: Surrender to the Deity, Tantric / Bhakti Yoga, essentially a “physics of the Hridaya.”

The Yogic praxis of samyama is applied to each branch of Kriya Yoga opening doorways into the Imaginal which can be utilized for explorations of past streams of time-experience. This is what is referred to as Gnostic Nostalgia. Hidden within past streams of time-experience exist pockets of undigested magical ojas which, once discovered, can be harvested for future work and physical-mental healing.

When we look back over our past with a meditative perception, we can potentially witness an occult timeline which runs underneath our mundane timelines, hidden waters of magical experiences which the surface mind is unable or unwilling to view. The Golgotha initiate seeks to harvest these gnostic artifacts and bring them back into the waking consciousness of the present.

As the gnostic artifacts are successfully integrated back into the waking consciousness of the presence of significant karmic transformations can occur for the magician. The Yogic practice of samyama allows the explorer to enter different realms of the universe which exist in past time-lines and interpenetrate into the present time-spaces.

53211715_392159718029059_2887472226376876032_nSuch lokas are wormholes into the Imaginal which exist within the chakras of the subtle bodies. These wormholes can be entered and explored for important gnostic teachings / revelations. However, to bring such teachings / revelations back into the waking consciousness of present-time requires deep immersion in the technology of Kriya Yoga.

If such occult teachings are successfully uncovered and brought back into the light of waking awareness, a long time period of creative incubation must ensue to insure integration into all bodies of the initiate. For this to successfully occur requires the integral use of the Vedic sciences of Ayurveda, Jyotish, Yoga, and Tantra.

“The mystic powers arise due to birth, herbs, mantras, tapas, and samadhi.”

– Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, IV.1



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