Artifacts in the Sky-Mind |The Gnostic Imaginarium Letters

“Come together, O sons of the earth, and hear the Angel who was sent out with the message from the skies. You came and were a gathering, you came and they gathered in you. Tell us the message of the skies.

You came and the aeons were in rank, you came and they gathered in you. Tell us the message of the skies.

Wake, you who sleep. Wake, you who sleep. Sleep in the Cavern that you can receive the sky’s message. The carrier of the message is on his way with the message from the Land of the Light to speak out the message of the skies.

He was sent out. He raced laughing to the first man to tell him the message.

He came and knocked on the gates and shouted, Open the gate at once.

I have the message of the skies!

“Song of Herakleides”, The Coptic Manichean Psalm-Book

The concept of the Sacred Flame of Agni is the fundamental doorway opening to all sacramental manifestations within the Aiwaz Priesthood of the Black Snake.

The flame of Agni must be called forth from the caverns of the flesh and the cellular pools of magical ojas to facilitate communication with intelligences from other dimensions of time-space. This communication becomes the sacrament of the Mass of the Flesh whereby human consciousness may interact and consequently alchemically transform upon exposure with alien consciousness.

Intelligences from Etheria and from outside dimensions seek to partake of this sacrament as do the Priests of the Black Snake. Magical essences are exchanged resulting in corporeal, psychological and pranic transformations on both sides of the sacramental altar, human and trans-mundane.

This magical exchange occurs most strongly during the sacred space of the sacramental Mass.

“The Offering of the Mass becomes the magickal method whereby cosmic logic enters human experience, since it is something which is happening both on earth and in the heavenly worlds. The action of the God of Sacrificial Fire, AGNI, makes this possible.”

– Michael Bertiaux, Voudon Gnostic Workbook

55802365_2252018158347293_978375416676876288_nThe Sacred Flame of Agni is of paramount importance in the study of Unidentified Flying Ontology and Gnostic Ufology. The Priests of the Black Snake have no desire to pursue concerns of mundane myths of alien technology but rather are interested in the appearance of Etherian vehicles and artifacts in the Sky of Mind and the Mind-Space of the Cosmic Mahat.

The sacramental atmosphere of the Mass facilitates the opening of inner and outer doorways into the borderland of the Cosmic Mahat and the mysterious shadow planets orbiting Saturn and Jupiter. Communication centers have been established which allow transmissions from the shadow grahas to seed the mind-space of the Priests of the Black Snake.

Such communication centers are housed within specific terrestrial areas and are now also manifesting within the atmosphere of Etheria. These are centers of potent gnostic healing, purification, and impregnation.

“You know that the living fire is the most disinfectant remedy, but the nature of fire is the same in all manifestations. The fire of the heart will be a high manifestation of fire; this means that this fire will be the best purifier and protector. Therefore, instead of very dubious and often poisonous antiseptic prescriptions, it is much better no only to have the fire of the hearth, but also kindle the fires of the heart. It can be proved to what extent the fires of the heart fight serious illnesses. Thus, our contemporary physicians will sooner or later have to pay attention to all states of the fires……

You judge quite correctly about the Vedic gods; thus, the microcosm resembles the Macrocosm. I affirm that the fire of the heart purifies the densest darkness. But along with purification the fire of the heart is impregnated with the qualities of a magnet, and thus it becomes the natural link with the Macrocosm.”

– Nicholas Roerich, “Heart”

Note: The featured image for this Letter is a piece by the Haitian artist Lesly Pierrepaul, created after reading Entering the Desert – Pilgrimage to the Hinterlands of the Soul (Anathema Publishing, 2017)

For more of Pierrepaul’s work, including more paintings inspired by Cult of Golgotha and Entering the Desert, visit:

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