To Work at Night – A Note on the Nature of The Cult

“The devotees of Shiva, seen as Ghouls of the Night, must stoke the inner flame of the managni to awaken the Night Vision of the Yogi. Once awakened, the eyes can navigate the nighttime of the contemporary world and see the hidden Solar realms of the Atman reflected in each and every expression of nature.”

– Tantric Physics / The Cult of Golgotha

. . .

We have recently received vital information regarding the terrifying potentials of the Work from an inner initiate within the Cult of Golgotha:

“Human beings are by nature beings of Light. However, even so, we have a light side and a dark side.

During the daytime our light side is more active and at night our dark side is predominant. The entities of the dark side (demons in Western terms) are fed by energies of our emotions such as fear. These entities can grow very strong and in extreme cases are responsible for many evils that we observe in the world.

We as initiates explore these dark regions, but this requires special preparation. We need to make our auras strong enough to withstand these parasitic entities.

As one example, Craig is physically very active and this serves to protect his energies and his aura as any excess energy is channeled properly. One of the pre-requisites is Fearlessness.

Now, for the general audience, working with the Nightside can be dangerous and they need to be working on the Light side. This is in my understanding similar to the necessity of following both the Right-Hand and Left-Hand Path together.

The Cult of Golgotha book by its nature attracts the dark entities on the inner planes. For someone who’s not well prepared, studying this work at night can expose them to such entities more easily.”


Cult of Golgotha (Anathema Publishing, 2018):

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