Insidious Systems of Control – Craig Williams in conversation with Dr. Christie Smirl

“The concept of systems of control, and their role in limiting the expansion of human consciousness, is fundamental to the investigations and revelations found within the Golgotha current. There exists distinct control mechanisms in place on both exoteric & esoteric levels of reality with obscure Pathways to self transformation and self-realization. Ahrimanic and Asuric in nature, these systems of control are Insidious, parasitic, and self-perpetuating, existing in a virus like level of awareness.” – Cult of Golgotha (Anathema Publishing, 2018)

It was an honor to join my friend Dr. Christie Smirl in conversation for another episode of her podcast!

In this discussion, Craig elaborates upon this passage from Cult of Golgotha and explains more about the the following:

  • The difference between exoteric vs esoteric paradigms.
  • Exoteric Systems of control in areas such as government, educational systems, organized religion and how they play a role in limiting and controlling self-realization.
  • Esoteric paradigms and control structures.
  • Ahrimanic and asuric systems of control and MORE.

For more:

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