Esoteric Explorations – Exclusive Opportunity to Study Entering the Desert Live with Craig Williams

“The Desert Sun rises in the sky of the mind, the combustion of contaminating concepts signals the beginning of a never ending journey into the Sands of Eternity, the corpse of terrestrial memories haunts the Valley of Dry Bones, the caravan is arriving, eternal whispers of forgotten memories awaken.”


June 18th & 19th, join me for an exclusive opportunity to explore the esoteric concepts that were developed in my book Entering The Desert (Anathema Publishing, 2017)!

Each recorded live session will be conducted from 12:00 – 1:30 pm (pacific time) followed by a Q &A opportunity.

Register early so that you have time to submit questions for the Q & A.

All sessions will be recorded so you have access to theses rare live recordings.

CLICK HERE to register and for more information!  

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