Mother of the Smashan

I will meet you in the smashan under the waning moon, the smell of burning flesh reminds us of MahaMaya, did they hear Your voice at Golgotha?

I am utterly humbled at the amazing inspiration Lesly Pierrepaul, director of the New Vision Art School in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti, continues to draw from my work. In his most recent painting he has opened a vision of the smashan in all of its shadowy and esoteric depth:

“My most recent painting is inspired by Craig Williams upcoming book, Tantric Physics – Sacred body, Sacred space (Anathema Publishing, Ltd., 2020).

The painting is titled “Mother of the Smashan.” It is an honor to create with continued inspiration from Williams’ powerful books as we continue to open the Doorway.

The spirits are alive!”

For more information on New Vision Art School, including how to purchase works from Lesly and his students – you can find them on Instagram:

For more information on Tantric Physics – Sacred Body, Sacred Space, please visit:

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