Soundtrack for a Book – MAHA PRALAYA – Tantric Physics

“The devotional Cult Of the Dark Lord leads us away from the delusion of mundane independence, revealing a spiritual destiny both illuminating and terrifying in its manifestation of radical non-discriminatory awareness…”

MAHA PRALAYA, a dark ambient project based in Russia, have honored the release of my new book, Tantric Physics 1 & 2 (Anathema Publishing, Ltd. 2020), by creating a fantastic accompanying soundtrack exploring the themes developed in the work. Specialists in ritual drone and sacred noise, they have captured the sonic textures of Tantric Physics in a two track EP which they released on the auspicious date of All Hallows Eve, October 31st, 2020.

Listen and purchase here:

PRE-ORDERS for Tantric Physics Vol.1: Cave of the Numinous and Tantric Physics Vol. 2: Sacred Body, Sacred Space, in ONE Volume, are now open – to order CLICK HERE.

For more from MAHA PRALAYA visit their Bandcamp at:

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