A Poetic Hymn to the Dark Mother – Loren Christofferson on the Work of Craig Williams

I have know Loren for many years and have been deeply inspired by his creative and radiant art. Loren is a consummate artist: making his life his art. So to receive feedback from him on my work is deeply moving.

I first met Craig in the spring of 2013. We had spoken on the phone on multiple occasions and I knew I had to make it out to Texas to meet this contemporary mystic, magus, and enigmatic man in person.

Cave of the Numinous hadn’t come out yet and he was in the early stages of organizing a contemporary gnostic group that had been inspired by the contemplative tradition of the Desert Fathers and Mothers. Needless to say I was deeply impressed by him and had no idea what I was in store for upon meeting our meeting; and how it was to rapidly accelerate the already radical alchemical journey I was on.

Craig has always been a sort of older brother to me. He’s someone I deeply respect and someone who I have looked up to for guidance over the years. It’s taken me years to even begin to appreciate the profound depth of how work. His influence in on me in my mid twenties would significantly alter the course of my life forever.

Craig needs no introduction in the world of the Esoteric. He is very well respected in many different fields from his work in Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine, to the fields of Martial Arts, and Esoteric Hinduism. Craig’s work is not something to be taken lightly.

In a world of sadly weak and watered down “spirituality”, his written word is deeply potent and in fact dangerous; because of how demanding and powerfully transformative it is. It is not for the dabbler or for those merely curious about the subjects he covers. It is only for the pioneers; for those who deeply long for profound wisdom and deep insight into the magically strange and bizarre universe we are all part of.

Entering the Desert – Pilgrimage to the Hinterlands of the Soul (Anathema Publishing, Ltd. 2018)
is by far one of the most important texts on the subject of spirituality to date. The practices and meditations contained in its pages are priceless. It is a text that one becomes part of; it is a text to be lived with; and not something one just simply reads. The text is a living reality itself.

Cult of Golgotha is a fascinating read. It is deeply poetic and an intimate window peering into a life of creative genius. Williams elegantly weaves different influences throughout his magical career into a unique expression of his own Gnosis.

Craig is first and foremost a poet; and every subject he shares is a profoundly poetic hymn to the Dark Mother. With the release of Tantric Physics II along with Cave of the Numinous in a single volume, it will complete a trilogy that is greatly important and truly needed where genuine spiritual nourishment is hard to come by.

Craig’s work will continue to inspire, mystify, horrify, liberate, captivate, and guide generations of initiates for many years to come. Congratulations Craig. A big thanks to you and Anathema for all your dedication and hard work you put into the Great Work.

Loren Christofferson was raised in Southern California and has spent the last few decades living and working in the northern part of the state.

Christofferson studied fine art at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco and graduated in 2013 with an emphasis on abstract expressionism.

At a very early age he was drawn to mysticism and his fascination with the subject carried with him into college where he discovered the work of Swiss psychologist, Carl Gustav Jung. His work draws extensively from Gnostic, Kabalistic and Buddhist sources, as well as from the natural landscape of the Sierra Nevada.

For more on his work and interests visit:


PRE-ORDERS for Tantric Physics Vol.1: Cave of the Numinous and Tantric Physics Vol. 2: Sacred Body, Sacred Space, in ONE Volume, are now open – to order CLICK HERE.

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    Deeply inspiring!!!!!

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