PRE-ORDERS for Tantric Physics Vol.1 & 2 Still Going Strong!

 “Distilled for purification are these juices of the soma, pure, they are spent for thy manifestation able then to bear their own intensity.”  – Rig Veda, 1.5.5

2/3 of the entire production of the Collector’s editions, and more than 1/2 of the Standard Hardcovers have already sold – if you are looking forward to this one, I highly recommend securing a copy while you still can.

CLICK HERE for more information and to order the book. 

Anathema Publishing has indicated that the books are expected to arrive in mid-December, at which point they will begin the hand-numbering and packaging process. The books should start shipping shortly thereafter.

As indicated in our previous post, for those interested in potentially securing an Artisanal Edition, please send an email expressing your interest to: 

Anathema Publishing has indicated that quantities for the Artisanal Edition will be extremely limited.

+ + +

Anathema has also announced that the ‘purchase’ option is now available again on their webstore for the paperback edition of Entering the Desert – Pilgrimage into the Hinterlands of the Soul! These will start shipping again mid-December and are undergoing production at this very moment.

CLICK HERE to for more information on the paperback edition of Entering the Desert and to order the book.

+ + +

Deepest gratitude to artist Viktoria Polikarpova (@visionis_phosphorescent ) and calligrapher Jayant Silva ( @jayantsilva ) for their efforts in making Tantric Physics such a beautiful publication!

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