Meditations On Savitri – A daily “prayer” against the cancerous forces of Ahriman

Many individuals view the world as a space without hope and live in constant fear. I always recommend the use of these verses from Sri Aurobindo’s important esoteric work “Savitri” as a daily “prayer” against the cancerous forces of Ahriman and the Virus of Modernity.

I will be writing many blog essays on “Savitri” in the coming months and eventually compile these meditations into a small book…..

“Alive in a dead rotating universe
We whirl not here on a casual globe
Abandoned to a task beyond our force;
Even through the tangled anarchy called
Fate And through the bitterness of death and fall
An outstretched Hand is felt upon our lives.

It is near us in unnumbered bodies and births;
In its unslackening grasp it keeps for us safe
The one inevitable supreme result
No will can take away and no doom change,
The crown of conscious Immortality,
The godhead promised to our struggling souls
When first man’s heart dared death and suffered life.

One who has shaped this world is ever its lord:
Our errors are his steps upon the way;
He works through the fierce vicissitudes of our lives,
He works through the hard breath of battle and toil,
He works through our sins and sorrows and our tears,
His knowledge overrules our nescience;

Whatever the appearance we must bear,
Whatever our strong ills and present fate,
When nothing we can see but drift and bale,
A mighty Guidance leads us still through all.
After we have served the great divided world
God’s bliss and oneness are our inborn right.”

Sri Aurobindo, Savitri, Canto 4

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