Update from Anathema Publishing on Ordering the Artisanal Edition of Tantric Physics V. 1 and 2

Anathema Publishing has opened up ordering for a limited number of the Artisanal Edition – please see details below if you are interested:

Most pre-orders have been secured for customers who have sent in an email early on concerning the Artisanal Edition of Tantric Physics Vol.1 & 2 — we will make available a small quantity of these before we officially close the Pre-Order period for this unique title.

A ‘Private Section’ has been created on the website, accessible to those who Sign up as Members on the website, and then Log In. This section will be used for special editions and limited releases.

Sign Up today to have access to these titles. https://www.anathemapublishing.com/

You can add more items to your Shopping Cart by simply going next to the Webshops Section and choosing the North-American Store (choosing Cyclic Law would take you to their website where some of the Private Section content is not available)

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