Truths to Rattle Your Worldly Self Confidence – A Short Compilation

Words of inspiration gathered from the rarified fields of inner knowing – each a sharpened sword laid to the root of fear.

Jai Aghor! Jai Agni! Jai Chinnamasta!

“The aim of far too many teachings these days is to make people ‘feel good’, and even some Buddhist masters are beginning to sound like New Age apostles. Their talks are entirely devoted to validating the manifestation of ego and endorsing the ‘rightness’ of our feelings, neither of which have anything to do with the teachings we find in the pith instructions.

So if you are only concerned about feeling good, you are far better off having a full body massage or listening to some uplifting or life affirming music than receiving dharma teachings, which were definitely not designed to cheer you up. On the contrary, the dharma was devised specifically to expose your failings and make you feel awful.

Try reading The Words of My Perfect Teacher. If you find it depressing, if Patrul Rinpoche’s disconcerting truths rattle your worldly self confidence, be happy. It is a sign that at long last you are beginning to understand” – Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse

“Regardless if it is seen as Brahman, Paramatman or Bhagavan/Bhagavati, the absolute truth is One. This nondual realization is explained in details in Sastra and ultimately it is received by the grace of Sri Guru.

It is an inner experience that inspires a permanent transformation, a re-awakening of the Soul. This is our primordial awareness of life as it is. A continuous awareness of eternity, the Self and the Lord. In this atmosphere the Soul’s eternal relationship with God can be experienced.” – Aghoracharya Vishnuswami

“There are three million serious sādhus in India. None of them ever attended Mahatma Gandhi’s meeting, neither they invited Mahatma Gandhi.

No. They never never recognized. Because what they have got to do with these political affairs? … They know, this is the business of the crows. The crows will take interest in such meeting. Punaḥ punaś carvita-carvaṇānām (SB 7.5.30).

What these politicians will do? They’ll simply make plan. That’s all. Hitler will make one plan, Mussolini will make one plan, Churchill will make another plan. Your Roosevelt will make another plan, Gandhi will make another. Simply planmaking business.

They will never be able to bring any peace and prosperity in the world. That is not possible. Because it is under the grip of māyā. They do not know. “- Srila Prabhupada, Lecture on SB 1.5.11, June 10, 1969

“Though the Supreme moves because of His own supreme Shakti, He in reality is unmoving. Only the Sage can understand this profound mystery.” – Sri Ramana Gita, Ch.12, verse 15

“When a diseased eye is treated with medicinal ointment it gradually recovers its power to see. Similarly, as a conscious living entity cleanses himself of material contamination by hearing and chanting the pious narrations of My glories, he regains his ability to see me, the absolute truth, in My subtle spiritual form.” – Srimad Bhagavatam 11.14.26

“The theory of the Mantra is that it is a word of power born out of the secret depths of our being where it has been brooded upon by a deeper consciousness than the mental, framed in the heart and not constructed by the intellect, held in the mind, again concentrated on by the waking mental consciousness and then thrown out silently or vocally — the silent word is perhaps held to be more potent than the spoken — precisely for the work of creation.

The Mantra can not only create new subjective states in ourselves, alter our psychical being, reveal knowledge and faculties we did not before possess, can not only produce similar results in other minds than that of the user, but can produce vibrations in the mental and vital atmosphere which result in effects, in actions and even in the production of material forms on the physical plane.” – Sri Aurobindo

“Tell me, friends of Love, how far is that dark grove where the Blue One waits, languishing for love? Where is that secret heart? The Lord of the Universe dwells there in the enchanting form of my beloved, the dark blue, long-haired Krishna.

His fragrance engulfs my soul. I am overcome with longing. I cannont take one more step, KRISHNA! KRISHNA! KRISHNA!

I cannot return to structures of habit and convention. Even if I never reach You, I will abide in the wilderness, crying out Your sweet Name.” – Sri Ramakrishna

“So long as we remain trapped in the ego consciousness, we identify ourselves as separate from the Divine Truth, the Oneness of the Eternal. This separation occasions fear. Through the action of fear, we attract that which we fear to us through the very focus and tuning process we discussed in earlier chapters. Thus, we call upon ourselves “fear, peril and disaster”.

To the extent that we master our inner psychological poise, and create a state that is made up of “faith, sincerity and surrender” we identify and focus on the Divine, and make contact with the Oneness of the Divine, thereby removing the knot of the ego and the cause of fear.

We further take a standpoint that recognises that there are larger frames and patterns at work than the ego can absorb and we thus, do not interpret events purely as subjective causes of pain or distress, and thus, even events which the ego might interpret as disastrous can be seen from a viewpoint which resolves this limited view.” – Sri Aurobindo

“Creation is neither good nor bad; it is as it is. It is the human mind which puts all sorts of constructions on it, as it sees things from its own angle and as it suits its own interests.

A woman is just woman, but one mind calls her ‘mother,’ another ‘sister,’ and still another ‘aunt’ and so on.

Men love women, hate snakes, and are indifferent to grass and stones by the roadside. These connections are the causes of all the misery in the world.” – Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi

“There are many incarnations of unborn God. Janardana or Lord Vishnu has incarnated as the 9 Planets to bestow on the living beings the result of their karma. He adopted the form of Planets ( Grahas) to destroy the demons and strengthen the power of divine beings to establish religion and spirituality.” – Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra, 2:3-4

“In the end, we must stand on our own, and in doing so, become a powerful pillar and example for others as we journey on the Path of Return.” – Mark Stavish, A Message on the Celestial Sanctum

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