Release the Light Hidden

Lord Narasimha, Lord of this World,
Your body pervades the entire universe…

Your tongue vibrates the Vedic mantras….

Brother of Indra,
release the light hidden
in the Caves of Maya….

Lord Narasimha,
Your complexion is dark
as a monsoon cloud,
rain down Your flames,
burn away my attachments
which prevent my ears from hearing
the memories of Lord Hari…

Excerpt from “The Narasimha Verses”.

Indra-Ram Das Aghori / Sri Subhagananda Nath

When will I see the pure transcendental sweetness of this place, also called Deva-palli? I will roll about on the ground in ecstatic love while visiting this residence of Lord Nrsimha. Sincerely begging for His grace without a trace of duplicity in my heart, I will attain Krsna-prema.

– Navadvipa Bhaava Taranga (Verse 35)

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