Cult of Golgotha in Paperback!


Insidious Archonic Systems of Control endanger the psyche and spirit of contemporary consciousness and sever the individual from the chaotic and daemonic world of the Soul! 

Cult of Golgotha reveals a gnostic Imaginarium wherein the words of science and the imagination co-exist in alchemical symbiosis stimulating the reawakening of the Fire of the Soul – expressing glimpses of a unique vision for escaping the Archonic forces impinging upon the mind-body of contemporary mankind and the vital role that the Awakened Dead play in the liberation of human consciousness from Ahrimaic manipulation.

I’m happy to announce the forthcoming release of the paperback version of my sold-out book ‘Cult of Golgotha’ will be available from Anathema Publishing beginning in July 2021!

It is very exciting to see this text take on new life and open new doorways.

The Cult of Golgotha is Alive!

There will be no Pre-Order phase, as is the case with all Anathema Publishing, Ltd. paperback editions. Once available in the shop, copies will start shipping immediately.

CULT OF GOLGOTHA, by author Craig Williams (Entering the Desert, Tantric Physics Vol.1 & 2.):

• Preface by Leilah Wendell (Westgate Necromantic / R.I.P.).

• Foreword by Agostino Taumaturgo (aka Brother A.D.A.).

• Epilogue by David Metcalfe.

• Illustrations by Murk Jelena.

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