A Pathway to Yoga Maya and the Womb of the Goddess

The human incarnation is essentially a relationship with Maya. How this relationship unfolds depends on many factors and the mysteries of karma.

Some embrace a type of transcendental escapism hoping that if they escape the “prison” of the human experience then all challenges will disappear. This is much like hoping that an aging charlatan stage magician can pull off a cheap illusion and receive a standing ovation. 

Others seek to deepen their relationship with Maha Maya with various pathways of Gnostic intimacy allowing the human experience to become a pathway to Yoga Maya and the Womb of the Goddess, a doorway to the Infinite. 

The further one moves away from their relationship to Maya, the further one moves away from their humanity and Prarabdha Karma. Eventually one must face this relationship with the human experience and Abhinivesha.

The corporeal incarnation is a dance with Maha Maya and we can choose to embrace this unpredictable play or run away from and avoid all it’s beautiful challenges.

Sri Subhagananda Nath / Indra Ram-Das Aghori

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