A Ghost Which Haunts the Living | Gems from Ramana

A common subject I see today which has taken on a literal Ahrimanic level of demonic possession is “safety.” “Be safe” people say instead of “see you tomorrow.”

This is rooted in the fear of mortality and the quasi-phantasm of the Ahamkara or “I-Thought” and it’s delusional ghostly existence. As this Ahamkara takes hold of awareness, there is no option to face or even entertain the reality of death. Any person who does choose to go ghost-hunting to confront the Ahamkara at the root is called “heartless”, “insensitive”, or “cruel.”

I remember traveling to Kailas and witnessing people happy to die on the journey, they considered it a blessing. Others would turn back halfway on the journey as it was “too dangerous.”

Many think of Death as a ghost which haunts the living, but in reality the Ahamkara is the hungry ghost which haunts and torments the awareness.

As Ramana Maharishi has said:

“The birth of the ‘I-thought’ is one’s own birth, its death is the person’s death. After the ‘I-thought’ has arisen the wrong identity with the body arises. Thinking yourself the body, you give false values to others and identify them with bodies. Just as your body has been born, grows and will perish, so also you think the other was born, grew up and died.

Did you think of your son before his birth?

The thought came after his birth and persists even after his death. Inasmuch as you are thinking of him he is your son.

Where has he gone?

He has gone to the source from which he sprang. He is one with you. So long as you are, he is there too.

If you cease to identify yourself with the body, but see the real Self, this confusion will vanish. You are eternal. The others also will similarly be found to be eternal.

Until this truth is realized there will always be this grief due to false values arising from wrong knowledge and wrong identity.”

Indra-Ram Das Aghori / Sri Subhagananda Nath

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