Beautiful Karma – Dusty Hill (1949-2021)


This what I remember of legend Dusty Hill…

As a child, around I believe 1976-1977 my family lived next door to Dusty Hill in Texas. At that point ZZ Top had not reached their massive success and were merely local celebrities.

Dusty would always invite me over to swim in his pool with other kids of their family, always assuring my mother that it would be good clean fun. I remember the pool floats were shaped like Coors bottles.

I remember he has the coolest house on the block during Halloween!

Insane decorations and he would answer the door with vampire teeth and as much candy as you wanted.

Occasionally a limo would pull up to his house and off he would go to a Tour.

And occasionally there would be loud wild pool parties with lots of cool chicks in small swimsuits…I knew because he would pop his head over the fence and say hi and invite me over….and he would always apologize to my mom about the noise.

Hearing that he passed in his sleep, what beautiful karma! 

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