An Interview on Tantric Physics – Occult of Personality Episode 211

“At all times, and in all places, the sights and sounds of the cosmos are intimately speaking to us, sonorous voices calling us to awaken unto our potential as containers of the Sacred Flame. The rising of the sun, the phases of the moon, the subtle dance of the seasons, birth, death—all these aspects of terrestrial and cosmic life reflect the whispers of the Cosmic Mind calling us to our destiny.” – Tantric Physics Vol. II: Sacred Body, Sacred Space (Anathema Publishing, Ltd.)

I’m very excited to share this new podcast interview with Greg Kaminsky of Occult of Personality!

I’m truly honored by his words!

“A new amazing interview with Craig Williams about his recent book Tantric Physics I&II!I want to take a moment to reminisce about how I’ve known Craig personally for 9 years. Since the day I met him, he’s been honorable, straightforward, honest, smart, talented, inspiring, and been one of the most intensely focused spiritual practitioners I’ve known. Craig’s writing and talks inspire his readers and listeners to learn and grow and become better people. I am honored and proud to call Craig my friend. I am also thrilled that he joined us here to discuss Tantra and his book, which is an absolutely amazing two-volume in one that is one of the best books on the subject I’ve read. Whatever your spiritual path, Craig’s work is beneficial because he is describing authentic esoteric view and methods that are designed to and do produce gnosis as the result. I highly recommend Tantric Physics I & II!”


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