This is Darkness – Craig Williams LIVE (October 25)

I’m truly honored and excited for this upcoming interview with This is Darkness Zine!

From the editor, Michael Barnett:

“Craig Williams – Interview Monday, 25 October 4pm EST / 22:00 CET

Really looking forward to this conversation regarding Craig’s many different specialties/interests which will also include discussion on the dark ambient albums by Shibalba, Nam-khar, Alone in the Hollow Garden, and Ψ Maha Pralaya Ψ, which have all been inspired by his writings.

Craig Williams is a specialist in the Vedic sciences of Yoga, Ayurveda, Tantra, Vedanta, and Jyotish. He is also an ordained Bishop (Tau Lazarus) with Apostolic Succession with the Ecclesia Gnostica Nigra. Craig operates a private practice in Austin, Texas, specializing in Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, and nutrition.

He is author of Tantric Physics I&II, Cult of Golgotha, and Entering the Desert, all published by Anathema Publishing Ltd.”


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