The Gnostic Power of Ritual

The fundamental root of all aspects of the Aghora path is the realization of the presence of the Goddess in all paths and in all aspects of life, nothing is separate from Sri Ma.

She reveals Herself in mysterious ways in every religion and it is our responsibility to develop the Night Vision to see Her reflections.

It was my honor and pleasure to have this conversation with Jory Pryor and his wonderful “Methods of Contemplation” podcast.

CLICK HERE to listen!

“Holy Sophia,

I hear Your voice in
the words written in
the secret chamber of 
my heart,  You have
opened my eyes to the
hidden mysteries, You
have awakened my 
ears to the sonorous
sounds of the

Bless me and protect
me in all my human
hours and at the
moment I encounter
the Doorway to

In the name of the Holy Christ
and Holy Sophia, Amen…

– from Desert Meditations, forthcoming from Anathema Publishing in 2023

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