Reality Check – Through the Lens of Agni

For the Aghora, the lines between the so-called sacred and profane are blurred. Through the Lens of Agni, polished by the tapas of Raganuga Bhakti, everyone and everything radiates and scintillates with the pulse of the haunting dance of the Divine Couple.

I used to believe that having conversations with individuals having spiritual questions could help them. Now I am not sure.

While having a conversation, virtual or in-person, I am assuming that an individual asking me a question has:

  1. A dedicated spiritual practice which involves the use of tools such as mantra, meditation, Kirtan, regular ritual puja or similar methodologies of a particular tradition.
  2. Is studying some type of sacred scripture / moksha Shastras for 3-4 hours a day minimum.
  3. Has cultivated strong will power, dedication, and devotion to their respective system.
  4. Realizes that a mundane secular vision of the world will not provide the key or answers to esoteric teachings or questions concerning esoteric matters.

If one is not doing all of this at a minimum, how much can one expect to understand complex spiritual teachings or how much can a teacher / Guru help this person?

It is important to keep in mind that a Guru does not care about your politics, your prejudices, your likes or dislikes. All he / she cares about is your Self-Realization.

“There is nothing everlasting on Earth. Everything is swallowed by time. But the words spoken by saints never die. However, over time, the forms of their words and expressions do indeed change.” -Baba Bhagwan Ram

Jai Sri Aghora Vaishnava! Jai Guruji! Jai Sri Krisna!

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