A True Warrior – Honoring Dr. John Cheng

I was deeply saddened to hear the news of the passing of Dr. John Cheng. He was a close friend of Sifu Hughes and many others in the Iron Mantis family, therefore I consider Dr. Cheng Kung Fu family. His absence will be felt in the hearts of all who loved him. A true Warrior!

I wrote this simple poem for Sifu Hughes and dedicate it to Dr. Cheng:

The paths of Nei Gong and Kung Fu are very mysterious…

When we walk these paths with heart,
time passes like mist in the morning.
Like a flash it is gone!!

We must not forget that life passes
like lightning in the night sky and
fire flies on a summer night.

We must remember to help one another
on these mysterious paths
as we may never know when
our journey will come to
its unpredictable end.”

Life is a mystery!

Don’t waste time!

Help as many people and animals as you can and celebrate life!

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