Light Within The Shadows


“The aghora seeks the light within the shadows and darkness, areas which are repressed and forbidden to the majority. Once discovered, this light-hidden-in-darkness can be released and transmitted via yogic sadhana to clear away all traces of Maya and avidya (which cloud the lens of Bhakti).

The Bhakti yoga and non-discriminatory awareness of the Aghora becomes the yogic tapas, cleansing all perception to enable a type of emancipation vision; in turn, this can see the Cosmic Soul in every person, object, and experience. With these ideas in mind, the Aghora often seeks terrifying and horrifying experiences and environments conducive to the practice of purifying yogic sadhana to reach deeper and deeper states of Bhakti perception.

At this point, the presence of Sri Bhagavan Krsna and Ma Kali exist in an inconceivable quantum-simultaneity.”

Tantric Physics – Vol. 2 – Sacred Body, Sacred Space

Sri Indra-Ram Das Aghori

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