Do Not Let the World Eclipse Your Flame

This summer I have received so many wonderful messages and photos from readers of my books from Anathema Publishing Ltd. To say I’m honored sounds trite, but I am truly humbled beyond words.

I am happy my books continue to inspire readers and I am hard at work on the next book for Anathema Publishing: Desert Meditations: Gnostic Cartography (A Handbook of Agni Yoga) – scheduled for publication in 2023!


“Likely the most transformative texts I’ve ever had the privilege of reading…. Arte is the means by which timeless revelations are passed down to future generations. ⁣

Thank you!”

“Just got a copy of “Entering the Desert”, in over 40 years in doing and studying occult works , this is hands down one of the absolute Best books on transformation I’ve ever have begun to delve into,, appreciate your humility and brilliant insights, and humor which is lacking greatly in occult teachings…”

I never take these types of messages for granted….

Jai Aghor! Jai Agni!

Stay inspired and do not let the world eclipse your Flame!

Help as many people and animals as you can and keep your Flame Alive!!!

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