The Toxins of Constant Worry and Fear


There is so much fear and apocalyptic doom being consumed via the constant stream of 24-hour news. In many ways it is like a cancer slowly metastasizing throughout the nervous system. I often term this the “Virus of Modernity.

It is extremely important to remove the toxins of constant worry and fear from the mind. In Chinese Medicine we discuss how constant fear / worry damage the Spleen, Kidneys, and Heart. This causes the Wei Qi to dissipate and Jing to desiccate. This results in endless negative feedback loops which become treacherous and hard to escape. 

I will touch on many of these ideas in my upcoming podcast interview this Sunday for Magick.Tv. 

“An irritable person will shout at you, if you tell them something they do not want to hear, as they have a temper that prevents them from listening to others. It can sadly happen in China that if you merely tread on someone’s foot by mistake, they will pull out a knife and stab you in retaliation. At this time of great change, with social pressures at their highest ever level, everybody has an irritable temper.

The heavenly Qi has already arrived. Whatever their level of cultivation, if irritable people do not change their temperament, their vibrational frequency will not be aligned with the universal transformation. As a result, when the universe’s energetic field rises, they will die out by competition and the selection process. As the maxim states:

‘One should be soft, yielding, in a state of non-action and non-contentious.’

If you are lacking in forbearance and allowance, it is senseless to argue. You are striving and fighting in vain. Your personal judgment of what is right and what is wrong, or what is good and what is bad, is still prevailing. These assessments stem merely from your own reasoning and individual conditioning.”

– “Commentary on The Barrier of Irritability and Impetuousness”, Xing De

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  1. woodfrala says:

    A good reminder to utilize the tool of discernment…

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