While You Are Waiting – A Gnostic Imaginarium

A quick note from Anathema Publishing, Ltd. with an update on the Paperback Edition of Tantric Physics Vol. 1 and 2:

“While you are waiting for the highly anticipated paperback reissue of Craig Williams’ Tantric Physics Vol.1 & 2 – why no revisit the insightful and mysterious ‘Cult of Golgotha’?!

Initially released back in 2018, the book explores in further depth the tantric physics of Docteur Williams, also serving as an homage to the work of Michael Bertiaux, and the Esoteric Voudon of the late Dr. Reginald Crosley (The Vodou Quantum Leap: Alternate Realities, Power and Mysticism).

Additionally, all author proceeds from the Hardcover editions of Cult of Golgotha were donated to the New Vision Art School (Port-au-Prince, Haiti), in honor of visionary Haitian artist Lesly Pierre Paul.

The Hardcover editions now completely Sold-Out, however in 2021 Anathema introduced a brand new Paperback reissue for readers to enjoy.

“This text reveals the insidious Archonic Systems of Control which endangers the psyche and spirit of contemporary consciousness, severing the individual from the chaotic and daemonic world of the Soul.

Cult of Golgotha reveals a gnostic Imaginarium wherein the words of science and the imagination co-exist in alchemical symbiosis stimulating the reawakening of the Fire of the Soul. This text expresses glimpses of a unique vision for escaping the Archonic forces impinging upon the mind-body of contemporary mankind and the vital role that the Awakened Dead play in the liberation of human consciousness from Ahrimaic manipulation.”

PURCHASE: anathemapublishing.com/webshops

BOOK CONTENT: anathemapublishing.com/cult-of-golgotha

Photo by David S.

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