Let the Text Work Its Way Through (A Review of Entering the Desert)


I’m honored to receive this insightful review of my book Entering the Desert from Anathema Publishing Ltd.!

“I just finished Desert. I am a very fast reader but had to keep looking up terms I either didn’t know or felt were being used in a way I didn’t exactly appreciate. Then, I realized that was probably the point. So, I read a chapter or a page or two at a time and let the text work it’s way through.

The older I get, the less force I use in understanding a different idea. I find setting the book down for two weeks and switching to a couple of “light” books is very helpful. The stronger message is processing and needs space. When I went back, the understanding was much greater.

Slowing down and thinking or praying or meditating is difficult – waiting for the answer can take weeks or even years – but is the only way to figure out what our path should be.

I knew this but am so glad for the reminder. The message of Christianity is the same, despite the different appearance. As I got to the end, I couldn’t help but think of my favorite hymn.

Now, I’m on to Golgotha.

Well done, Craig!”

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