On the Application of Etherian Physics

“Yogic sciences have prepared the visual ‘radio receivers’ to recognize the presence of the Etherian Aero-forms within the Cult’s private inner cells, and within the atmospheres of the terrestrial plane, as well as the ‘sky of mind’—the mental atmosphere of the initiate. It is important to note that the use of mechanistic terms such as ‘radio’ can be misleading, as the visual doorways function far beyond the simplistic conception of a Newtonian machine.

Within the Cult, the application of Etherian Physics trans-mutates visual perception into a quantum biological life expression, not a machine. We could experiment with linguistic expression and term the visual doorways of the Golgotha initiate as ‘biological machines,’ however, this too can be limiting. The Etherian presences have consistently expressed the importance of the limitations of language and the power to shape, control, and limit the expansion of human awareness.

Therefore, it must be kept in mind that often the symbolic use of linguistic terms is only a faint shadow of the ultimate expression of truth.

The Cult of Golgotha (Anathema Publishing, Ltd., 2018)

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