Magick, Vedic Sciences and Systems of Initiation | The Perseus Arcane Academy Interview

It was my honor to be interviewed by James Robson for his wonderful Perseus Arcane Academy blog! Here are a few excerpts with a link to the full interview at the bottom of this post:

I became aware of Craig Williams in recent months and his deep body of work. I really like Craigs focused and serious approach to these practices and the fruits that come from them.  That these fruits are part of reality that with proper training, preparation and earnest effort can be experienced by those on the path. So I contacted Craig with an assortment of questions…


My Approach to Praxis Via Magical / Initiatic Systems

My overall approach to praxis within initiatic magical systems is a fundamental grounding and mastery of the root metaphysics of the respective system coupled with a fire for innovation born from a deep understanding of the overall goals of the respective system.In my personal opinion, any and every “magical system” should offer the practitioner tools for literal Self-Realization as well as a map of Self-Realization. 

If this is not the root goal of a system, the practice typically becomes an egoic fantasy game akin to what we would term “Larping” in contemporary parlance. 

How is the praxis helping one burn awaythe cloud of Maya which obscure one’s true nature? 

How is the praxis helping one understanding their unique path of dharma in this particular incarnation? 

I feel these are important questions for practitioners to ponder.

How the Eight Limbs of Yoga, the Earthly Elements, and Alchemical Practices Come Together in “Cult of Golgotha”?

My book “Cult of Golgotha” is a specific expression of my unique use the inner limbs of Yoga and earthly elements of Tantra within the stream of Esoteric Voudon. Michael Bertiaux was fascinated by my work in respect to this synergy and asked me to create a unique expression of this. From this request, the book “Cult of Golgotha” was born. 

This text reveals how I experienced and studied a wide range of esoteric streams from Louisiana, Haiti, India, and Tibet, and how one could see their entire life as a constant evolving stream of alchemical gnostic evolution. Each chapter reveals a unique vision of reality which explores and express strange landscapes of esoteric experience. 

This book was also deeply inspired by my work with Dr. Reginald Crosley. He deeply inspired me and he and I had many inspiring private conversations concerning his work and how I could use his work as inspiration. He was very encouraging to me and very supportive of my writings and my ideas, so in many ways I see this book as a dedication to him. 

It is my hope that “Cult of Golgotha” inspires readers and practitioners to view occultism in a more creative lens, and for readers to see the streams of experience that has informed their lives and use these streams as gnostic threads to weave a unique expression of their own individual expression of gnosis.

How Do “Entering the Desert”, “Cult of Golgotha”, and “Tantric Physics” Fit Together? How Would You Describe Each?

The text “Entering the Desert” was inspired by my travels in Tibet, specifically the desert plains of Tibet. The Desert text outlines a primordial / elemental expression of what I would term “pagan sacramental gnosticism.” “Entering the Desert” presents a basic metaphysical infrastructure which can be applied to any spiritual system to help deepen one’s path of study, as well as presents a type of experiential grimoire which can potentially shift the reader’s consciousness into deeper states of primordial awareness.

The text “The Cult of Golgotha” presents my unique amalgamation of Eastern streams of gnosis with the system of Esoteric Voudon expressed by Michael Bertiaux. Golgotha also expresses ideas concerning ways for human consciousness to resist the Asuric / Ahrimanic forces which seek to homogenize, secularize, and limit the evolution of human awareness. Golgotha presents a diverse array of ideas which provide extensive paths for readers to explore and then use to create their own systems of personal gnostic protection.

The text “Tantric Physics Vol. I / II: Cave of the Numinous and Sacred Body, Sacred Space” comes both books into one complete volume. This text is my ultimate expression of a lifetime of initiatic study within Hindu and Buddhist streams of Tantra. Volume I: “Cave of the Numinous” presents an in-depth discussion of important foundational concepts as well as initiatic rituals, Volume II: “Sacred Body, Sacred Space” ushers the reader into the inner chambers of Tantric Physics and explores extensive devotional poetry which contains hidden teachings / transmissions of Rishi Yoga.”

To read the entire interview CLICK HERE.

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