Preview – Paperback Cover for Tantric Physics Vol. 1 and 2

Anathema Publishing, Ltd. has released a teaser cover design for the paperback reissue of Tantric Physics Volume 1 & 2, scheduled for publication later this year! Tantric Physics will be the third publication to come out in a paperback edition – with Entering the Desert and Cult of Golgotha currently available to purchase on the…

Ambient Bhakti – Agni and Devotional Resonance

“By revering Agni, we create an atmosphere of Ambient Bhakti wherein every act becomes sacramental. Any action undertaken within this atmosphere becomes saturated with a devotional resonance which can purify the awareness of any sectarian obfuscation.” – Desert Meditations: Gnostic Cartography – A Handbook of Agni Yoga (Anathema Publishing, 2023)

Like Honey That Has Crystallized and Hardened

Sri Hari is more mysterious than most can imagine. For example, in many Tantric streams the Presence of Sri Hari is withdrawn. His radiant sweet Rasa is like honey that has crystallized and hardened. Over time the exposure to the tapas of Shakti slowly melts this Rasa on the tongue of the devotee and once…

Poetry and Paradox – a discussion with Craig Williams |Agnosia Podcast

It was a pleasure to discuss my work with Augustin Reyes for his new Agnosia Podcast series. “A discussion with author Craig Williams primarily about his works ‘Entering the Desert: Pilgrimage into the Hinterlands of the Soul’ and ‘Cult of Golgotha’. We additionally discuss concepts from Running, Martial Arts, Chinese Medicine, poetry, and paradox.”

Igniting the Sacraments

“The sacred flame of Agni awakens and purifies the Sacramental Libido allowing the alchemical transformation to occur in the body and blood of the celebrant. This in turn ignites the sacraments causing the bread and wine to become cosmic nourishment.” – Desert Meditations: Gnostic Cartography (Coming Soon from Anathema Publishing)

The Path of Sadhana

It’s very easy to claim success on the path of Yoga. Anyone can make a claim. But the proof is revealed in the reflection of the consciousness of the Sadhaka. This is mirrored as well on the path of Bhakti. Anyone can make claims and dress up in outfits claiming pure devotion. Yet these paths…

Spring Unfolds

“Days I don’t enjoy: any day I don’t walk, drink sake, and compose haiku.” – Taneda Santōka Sitting in Oblivion, Your name on my tongue, Spring unfolds as my breath returns to the Source. – Indra Ram-Das Aghori / Sri Subhagananda Nath

Straight to the Source

I recently visited a bookstore and noticed that literally every single staff book recommendation was termed “light-hearted.” A “light-hearted approach to Hinduism,” a “light-hearted approach to film,” a “light-hearted approach to religion” ( “how to be spiritual but NOT religious”), on and on and on.   I’m extremely grateful that I never had a single “light-hearted”…

The Mass Becomes An Agni Attractor

“During the Mass, the awakened corporeal form empowered by the Sacramental Vision manifests a mysterious imaginal resonance which unveils the presence of the Holy Sacraments – revealing the Hidden Flame within the bread and wine. The eyes radiate, the hands enkindle, the Mass becomes an Agni Attractor.” – Desert Meditations: Gnostic Cartography (Anathema Publishing, 2023)…