When Someone Claims to Understand You

O Bhagavan, when someone claims to understand You, I know they are deluded by Maya, Ganapati was in awe of You, Your glance enkindled his Tapas, and YogaMaya penetrated his mind. How can one who is notdevoted to Her understand You? – Indra Ram-Das Aghori / Sri Subhagananda Nath

Glimpses of Your Amorous Games

Glimpses of Your amorous games rain down nectar on the raging fires of material existence, extinguishing the desires which separate me from service to You. – Indra Ram-Das Aghori / Sri Subhagananda Nath

The Grace of Shani

“One can understand Me in truth— My transcendental names, forms, qualities, and pastimes—only by Bhakti.” – Bhagavad Gita 18.55 The Grace of Shani allows me to penetrate the mysteries of Your Hladini Shakti, Sri Radharani! What other secrets will You reveal to Your devotees? The sound of the Black Bees announce Your Presence… To become…

Separated From the Lotus Feet

If you are separated from the Lotus Feet of the Dark Lord and the mysterious play of the Hladini Shakti of Sri Radharani , you will live in a perpetual Kali Yuga. – Indra Ram-Das Aghori / Sri Subhagananda Nath

Reality Check – Through the Lens of Agni

For the Aghora, the lines between the so-called sacred and profane are blurred. Through the Lens of Agni, polished by the tapas of Raganuga Bhakti, everyone and everything radiates and scintillates with the pulse of the haunting dance of the Divine Couple. I used to believe that having conversations with individuals having spiritual questions could…

The Key

You gave me a piece of your first Kapalato remind me of my death. Each day I hold it to remind me of my rebirth. Your compassion offered me the key to the amorous play of the mysterious dark couple. – Indra Ram-Das Aghori / Sri Subhagananda Nath

Tantric Physics Vol. 1 and 2 – SOLD OUT

I am deeply honored by response to my recent book, Tantric Physics! From Anathema Publishing: “TANTRIC PHYSICS Vol. 1 and 2 is completely SOLD-OUT! Some of our resellers still have a few copies to sell, but, as it stands right now, both Anathema Publishing and our EU distro, Cyclic Law, are sold out of all…