Phone Calls From the Dead

 “I am no longer particularly interested in the manifestations of the phenomenon. I am pursuing the source of the phenomenon itself. To do this, I had objectively divorced myself from all the popular frames of reference. I am not concerned with beliefs but with the cosmic mechanism which has generated and perpetuated those beliefs.” – John…

Mother of the Smashan

“I will meet you in the smashan under the waning moon, the smell of burning flesh reminds us of MahaMaya, did they hear Your voice at Golgotha?“ I am utterly humbled at the amazing inspiration Lesly Pierrepaul, director of the New Vision Art School in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti, continues to draw from my work. In his most recent painting…

The Treasure of Prema

I cannot mold this clay into Pure Love for You, Only I may hope that my worship of You clears away the stains of Maya which obscure the Rays of Your spontaneous revelation… – Indra-Ram Das Aghori / Sri Subhagananda NathKaulacharya

I Will Feed the Crows

As I wait for you, I will feed the crows… The smoke burns my eyes… Clearing away the fog of reality…” – Indra-Ram Das Aghori / Sri Subhagananda NathKaulacharya

A Note of Thanks

“The landscape of the Soul is a feral hunting ground of shadows and light, each morphing into translucent bodies of nourishment or destruction, depending upon the topographic Vision of the desert dweller.” I have received an overwhelming amount of messages concerning my book “Entering the Desert” (Anathema Publishing) since it has manifested in paperback. I’m…