The Compass Which Orients Every Action

“On a fundamental level, we can examine the inner gnostic journey via a primordial “lens of light.” Our consciousness can be bathed in the Solar radiance of the Soul or soaked in the Tenebrae of Lunar reflection. The ability to harmonize and integrate these cosmic radiations depends upon the awakened fire of the Ajna Chakra….

Every Sip From the Kapala

“For the Aghori, every sip from the Kapala washes away the clouds of separation, clearing the sky of mind and unveiling eyes of compassion. Instead of eyes of separation, there are Eyes-Of-Unity….there is no “No-Light.” – Desert Meditations: Gnostic Cartography (A Handbook of Agni Yoga), Anathema Publishing Ltd., 2023

The Tapas of Bhakti Yoga

“The Tapas of Bhakti Yoga is eternally resonating within the sacred relationships to the five elements, the Gurus, the Deities, the Termas, and the sacred texts. This is adumbrated in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali within the twilight language of Kriya Yoga: ‘Tapas, Svadhyaya, and Isvara Pranidhana constitute Kriya Yoga.’ In this light, the Flame…

From the Wilderness of Nature

“The separation of the individual from a corporeal relationship with the Soul is mirrored in the separation of the individual from nature. This is perhaps one of the most important spiritual and psychological poisons of modernity: the alienation of the individual from the wilderness of nature. The modern obsession with progress and technology has worked…

The Most Sacred Space Within A Sacred Precinct

“We now come to the altar. The greatest magicians are the great altar builders. There are more altars in this world than you can shake a stick at. When humanity first thought to influence events with the aid of supernatural power, altars were created. At one time, they were set in geomantic landscape, paying strict…

The Atmosphere of the Eternal Flame

“The closer the orbit of awareness moves towards the atmosphere of the Eternal Flame of the Atman, the more the individual will be swallowed by the pregnant darkness of the desert.” – Desert Meditations: Gnostic Cartography (A Handbook of Agni Yoga), Anathema Publishing Ltd., 2023

Gnostic Nostalgia – Reflections of a Guitar Icon

I have had such wonderful joy watching the new documentary Randy Rhoads: Reflections of a Guitar Icon. In my youth, the music of Randy Rhoads was extremely inspiring to me. From the age of 11, I would study his style for hours and hours, trying to slow down records or cassette tapes to figure out…

The Bridge Between Bhakti and Jnana

“To know God is to love God. Therefore the path of bhakti and of jnana are same (…) The thought of God is divine favour, is by nature prasad or arul. It is by God’s grace that you think of God.” – Ramana Maharshi. One of the misunderstood aspects of contemporary spirituality is the inability…

Shadows and Light Intermingle

The Aghori is a Primordial Shaman existing in many realms of reality simultaneously. Shadows and Light intermingle manifesting an awareness which sees all beings as sparks of the Divine searching for their Mother. Sri Indra Ram-Das Aghori