Shadows and Light Intermingle

The Aghori is a Primordial Shaman existing in many realms of reality simultaneously. Shadows and Light intermingle manifesting an awareness which sees all beings as sparks of the Divine searching for their Mother. Sri Indra Ram-Das Aghori

The Traveler Is Never Again

“Even if one is provided with the most comprehensive framework imaginable, true transformation occurs only if the participant steps out of the existing stasis of consciousness and dares to venture beyond the status quo. Then, and only then, can true and lasting alchemical transformation occur. Journeys into the Imaginal have lasting effects and are not…

Shakti of Bhagavan

You infused my mind with the Aroma of Vrindavan. This permeated my awareness like sugar melting into warm water. A Contagion of Devotion, self-replicating within my bodies, this is a most beautiful diseaseā€¦ – Sri Indra Ram-Das Aghori

Within the Space of the Cell

“The modern world seems unable to stop the dialogue of the mind, the incessant background noise which serves to create dense layers of mirages, and the constant chatter of mindless small talk. The devotee must make efforts to remove himself from such expressions, and strive to speak only when necessary – not wasting verbal expression…

Fools See You As A Demon

“Oh Dark Lord, please allow me to drink Your grace until my mind is intoxicated and forgets the sorrow of the mundane world, until my mind no longer craves mundane illusions. One sip of your Presence and my mind will forget everything but utter devotion to you. I warn people what will happen when they…