The Only Object of Transcendence is Limitation

If the Aghori seeks to transcend something, the only object of transcendence is ‘limitation.’ There is no limit to the radiant love of Sri Radha Krishna, therefore there can be no limitation on the form and expression of the rays of the Divine in this world, light and shadow are the Nectar of the Divine.

Cultivate and Nourish the Flame of Vivekagni

The other morning I was examining some old journals and came across old writings on various ideas from Shankara, Ramanuja, Madhva, and Vadiraja Tirtha. Each of these individuals possessed a unique theological view. After decades of study of these various lineages, I have found deep inspiration and unique wormholes which connect seemingly “different” theological pathways….

The Most Primordial Resonance

“The remembrance of death is the most primordial resonance found within the mysterious presence of the Sacramental Vision. The modern mind fears the memory of death more than any other concept. The desert devotee views the remembrance of death as a Sacramental elixir burning away the clouds of the mirage which surround and protect the…

The Toxins of Constant Worry and Fear

There is so much fear and apocalyptic doom being consumed via the constant stream of 24-hour news. In many ways it is like a cancer slowly metastasizing throughout the nervous system. I often term this the “Virus of Modernity.” It is extremely important to remove the toxins of constant worry and fear from the mind….

The Traveler Is Never Again

“Even if one is provided with the most comprehensive framework imaginable, true transformation occurs only if the participant steps out of the existing stasis of consciousness and dares to venture beyond the status quo. Then, and only then, can true and lasting alchemical transformation occur. Journeys into the Imaginal have lasting effects and are not…

Within the Space of the Cell

“The modern world seems unable to stop the dialogue of the mind, the incessant background noise which serves to create dense layers of mirages, and the constant chatter of mindless small talk. The devotee must make efforts to remove himself from such expressions, and strive to speak only when necessary – not wasting verbal expression…

Straight to the Source

I recently visited a bookstore and noticed that literally every single staff book recommendation was termed “light-hearted.” A “light-hearted approach to Hinduism,” a “light-hearted approach to film,” a “light-hearted approach to religion” ( “how to be spiritual but NOT religious”), on and on and on.   I’m extremely grateful that I never had a single “light-hearted”…

Dark Ambience – Desert Sounds and Tantric Gateways

For your listening enjoyment, here is a selection of dark ambient albums that have been inspired by my published works – including albums by Shibalba, Nam-khar, Alone in the Hollow Garden, and Ψ Maha Pralaya Ψ.

The Desolate Landscape – A Meditation on Illusion

“The concept of illusion is perhaps the most fundamental idea in Eastern Gnosticism. The entire philosophical and theological foundation of Eastern perception is to differentiate the real from the unreal, truth from falsehood, reality from illusion, the “rope from the snake.” The modern age moves in a decidedly different direction, secular and religious alike. The…

It’s a Rare Honor to Die On the Way to Kailas

“Every Night & every Morn Some to Misery are Born Every Morn and every Night Some are Born to sweet delight Some are Born to sweet delight Some are Born to Endless Night We are led to Believe a Lie When we see not Thro the Eye Which was Born in a Night to perish…