The Gardens of Bhava-Mukha

We cannot ignore the importance of Mantra Sadhana. Within the Desert of Maya, we carry the resonance of the Divine Names inside the hidden Inner Sanctuary.

These names must echo within the haunted spaces of the Cell, saturating the Mind-Space, transforming our awareness into atmospheres of eternal ambient Bhakti.

The Gardens of Bhava-Mukha

Divine Mother, You always surround me…
Please allow me to always remember You.

Pain and suffering arrive

every time
I forget your Names…

If I constantly remember You,
You will guide me into the Gardens of Bhava-Mukha…

“If you wish to see God, have firm faith in the efficacy of repeating the ‘Name’ of Hari and try to discriminate the real from the unreal.” – Sri Ramakrishna

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