Within the Space of the Cell


“The modern world seems unable to stop the dialogue of the mind, the incessant background noise which serves to create dense layers of mirages, and the constant chatter of mindless small talk. The devotee must make efforts to remove himself from such expressions, and strive to speak only when necessary – not wasting verbal expression unless something of significance is pouring forth from his inner being.

The action of constantly and blindly verbalizing all random thoughts deeply enforces the rooting of mirages, clouding both clear perceptions and clear expressions. The devotee spends much time in isolated silence within the space of the Cell, and should strive to carry this eremitic influence into areas of verbal communication.

There should be a constant awareness of how much energy is expanded with petty and pointless banter. This is not to say that one must avoid social contact – far from it. Rather, this conservation of linguistic expression means to place focus and awareness on all aspects of communication. Each verbal expression should be intended and meaningful.

The wasteful use of language dissipates and dilutes the Sacramental Vision.”

– Entering The Desert – Pilgrimage into the Hinterlands of the Soul (Anathema Publishing, Ltd., 2019)

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