Indian Practices for Western Esotericism – Craig Willams in conversation with Mark Stavish, director of the Institute for Hermetic Studies

“I wept before the Mother and prayed. “O Mother, please tell me, please reveal to me what the yogis have realized through yoga and the jnanis through discrimination.” And the Mother has revealed everything to me. She reveals everything if the devotee cries to Her with a yearning heart. She has shown me everything that is in the Vedas, the Vedanta, the Puranas, and the Tantra.” – Sri Ramakrisha

Mark Stavish, director of the Institute for Hermetic Studies, and I recently had a far reaching discussion on some of the important takeaways for Western students that are available in traditional Vedic and Tantric practices.

Please listen, and enjoy:

For more information on the Institute for Hermetic Studies

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