The Path of Sadhana

It’s very easy to claim success on the path of Yoga. Anyone can make a claim. But the proof is revealed in the reflection of the consciousness of the Sadhaka. This is mirrored as well on the path of Bhakti. Anyone can make claims and dress up in outfits claiming pure devotion.

Yet these paths require a monumental amount of life energy and demand a radical reorientation and reorganization of one’s life.

This is mirrored in something as banal as fighting. Anyone can dress up and claim to be an expert in martial arts in an attempt to look frightening.

However, true fighters know how much sacrifice is required and how regardless of the outcome of the fight, substantial amounts of life energy are sacrificed. Often the one with the loudest voice and boisterous attitude ends up being “the loser.”

It is very important to avoid mirages and take the Path of Sadhana very seriously and not confuse mundane goals / success with spiritual progress.

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