Aghor Gnosis: The Role of Aghoric Perception Within Tantric Physics and the Cult of Golgotha – Details for an Upcoming Talk at Black Flame Montreal

The radical non-discriminatory perception of the Aghor path envisions the Flame of the Numinous within everyone and everything eschewing all distinctions of purity / impurity held within traditional and contemporary morality.


The Aghor path does not seek to escape human emotions / experience, trafficking with daemonic intelligences, or exploring darker dimensional Doorways. The Night Vision of the devotee sees beyond the dualistic mirage of Maya.

This talk will examine the underlying initiatic Aghoric current of Vaishnava Aghora Sampradaya which empowers the system of Tantric Physics and the Cult of Golgotha. Of paramount importance is the discussion of the karmic significance of the human incarnation, function of Ayurvedic Alchemy, and the role of the meta-technology of Bhakti Yoga.

Avoiding the pitfalls and sterility of the average academic approach – this talk will offer a rare glimpse into living initiatic spiritual systems.

Black Flame Montreal is an exclusive, esoterically-oriented event, exploring the latest in occult practice, philosophy, literature, and art. Free-thinkers and rebels are invited to revel, learn and do ritual together in Montreal, Quebec, on the weekend of October 11-13, 2019.

For more information, including details on the other speakers:

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  1. chris says:

    Greetings, can vaishnava a chorus eat meat?

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