The Most Primordial Resonance

“The remembrance of death is the most primordial resonance found within the mysterious presence of the Sacramental Vision. The modern mind fears the memory of death more than any other concept.

The desert devotee views the remembrance of death as a Sacramental elixir burning away the clouds of the mirage which surround and protect the status quo of the ego. The life of the devotee must be lived with an intoxicating passion, ever in remembrance of the fragile temporality of life.

Each day comes and goes as a lighting flash in the sky, a temporary event, soon to pass away. The ephemerality of life must be a constant background thought for the devotee, infusing him not with fear or hesitancy, but rather empowering him with passionate intoxication for the mysteries hidden in the between-spaces of each passing moment.

The devotees life becomes a hunt for a glimpse of the Soul radiations waiting to be awakened by the Sacramental Vision as it shines forth over all aspects of life, exoteric and esoteric. No time is ever wasted. Therefore, the remembrance of death is not depressing or horrifying.

This sacred memory becomes a guiding light for the devotee, and the talismans of equanimity, silence, and simplicity empower him to bravely hold this remembrance in pristine awareness.”

– Entering The Desert – Pilgrimage into the Hinterlands of the Soul (Anathema Publishing, Ltd., 2019)

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